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So where does Vinny go from here?

Gary Clark Fan

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The relationship between Snyder and Cerrato is an odd mix of business and personal friend. Cerrato's been with Snyder from the start and has been his closest confidant outside of his wife and family. They are close personal friends, and likely remain so. In addition, Cerrato's finanaces are tied to Snyder's business concerns, as the City Paper article about the Six Flags investments pointed out.

I can imagine that it was tough for Snyder to pull the trigger on this change, despite all the uproar to do so. And what now? Just because the business relationship ends, the friendship doesn't.

Weird dynamic.

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I think he will go to ESPN, he was actually very good at that when he worked for them in 2001.

That's what I think too. I was surprised at how good he did as an analyst during that time.

Hey, if Matt Millen can come from 0-16 and land on his feet so can Vinny. I just hope Rock doesn't see him down the road.

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I'm not so sure we should be happy with Vinny leaving....Its apparent that we have some pretty good players, granted our O-Line is a mess, but it seems to me that he's done a pretty good job at obtaining talent. To me its all about coaching. I don't think getting rid of Vinny is the cure....

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why does everyone think he'll be here as a consultant? Mike florio got that from Lavar when he was on the radio yesterday. Lavar obviously holds a grudge against the owner and didn't want to acknowledge an obvious good move by Snyder. His only response was he had a source that told him that Vinny would become snyder's consultant. There is no proof of whether its true or not.

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I think Cerrato stays with the team in some capacity. There is something fishy about all of this.

1. Snyder knows the Fans demanded a change!

2. Zorn is in over his head

3. Danny wants Shanahan at any cost

4. Blache stops talking mid year

5. Sherm Lewis goes from calling BINGO to calling games

6. Shanahan interviews with Bills, Allen part of the package

7. Cerrato steps aside so Danny can hire Shanahan

8. Bruce Allen is hired

9. Negotiations with Shanahan reported

10. Skins complied with Rooney Rule already (Blache)

11. Vinny gets paid to be Danny's best friend

12. If things don't work out, Vinny says I told you so and takes back over.

These is peculiar but maybe Danny finally saw the writing on the wall or maybe after speaking other coaches and GM candidates, they explained that they are not coming unless Vinny is gone and Snyder makes no football decisions. I can see this as another Danny scheme to get the fans back after Joe Gibbs left. Hire a former Coach's son, a big name coach, and get by a few more years. I will truly believe Danny has changed if he hires Eric DeCosta to head up the Scouting Department. Then maybe Vinny is done for good.

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