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MCT: Signs point to Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware trying to play


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Signs point to Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware trying to play

By Clarence E. Hill Jr.

IRVING, Texas — Pro Bowl linebacker DeMarcus Ware walked onto the Dallas Cowboys practice field Thursday for the first time since injuring his neck and being carted off in the fourth quarter Sunday in the game against the San Diego Chargers.

He didn't do much Thursday, but neither did the rest of the team in what was a glorified walk-through practice.

Ware got some sound advice and pointed words from quarterback Tony Romo sits to pee about his health and availability for Saturday's game at New Orleans.

"I was like, 'You've got to do obviously the right thing for your health, but you're going to play,' " a tongue-in-cheek Romo sits to pee said. "It was nice (to see him out there). He's a great guy. And obviously he's a great player. You always want to make sure that he is going to be OK, and from the sound of things, he is improving. It's going to be a game-time decision, so we don't know what's going to happen, but if he can play, obviously that's going to help us."

Ware doesn't know what's going to happen either, although indications are that he will try to give it a go.

He said he "felt fine" after practice, but acknowledged that the decision will probably come down to "right before the game." But it's clear he wants to play.

Coach Wade Phillips said before practice that if Ware could do anything on the practice field it would determine a lot.

If Ware does play, it will be quite a jump from where he was Sunday after a collision with a Chargers offensive lineman. His teammates gathered in a circle praying as Ware was strapped to a stretcher and then carted off the field. He gave a thumbs-up sign to the fans as he left while his wife, Taniqua, rushed from the stands to be at his side.

Ware was taken to the hospital and released later that night.

That he never lost movement in his extremities proved to be a good sign. Although there was swelling in his neck, tests revealed no structural damage.

Confident in Folk

Wade Phillips said kicker Nick Folk has responded well to the competition in practice this week and he feels good about him breaking out of his slump in Saturday's game at New Orleans.

Folk has missed nine kicks this season, including six of his past nine and one in each of the past five games.

"He's been real consistent hitting the ball, especially this week," Phillips said. "I'm pleased about that. From talking to him, he feels he's hitting the ball well. He feels like he's worked out some of the things that he needed to work out, so I think his confidence level is good. I feel good about it going into this game or we wouldn't have him kicking."

Cowboys work out 5

Veteran cornerback Chris McAlister was one of five players brought in for workouts on Thursday. The others were running back Herb Donaldson, tackle Cliff Louis, defensive tackle Henry Smith (Texas A&M) and linebacker Leon Williams.

McAlister, an 11-year veteran and former first-round pick, is the most intriguing because he played two games with the Saints before being cut last week.

McAlister was signed by the Saints as a free agent Nov. 18. In two games, he made four tackles and forced a fumble that he also recovered in overtime against the Washington Redskins. McAlister spent the first 10 seasons of his career with the Baltimore Ravens.

According to the Cowboys, no one will be signed before Saturday's game against the Saints. They wanted to check out McAlister for consideration of a role in the final two games.

Donaldson is a possible practice-squad target and could be added next week.

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Gawd, I hope we don't see him on another stretcher...he's crazy to risk his health this way...Jerruh should step in.

+1, but the lack of any damage makes me think that he will be okay to play. However, unlike Jerruh I'm not a doctor, so I probably shouldn't be making these proclamations....

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he's a very talented guy. If this is a big risk, then I don't know who's ok'ing it.

In my opinion from what I saw [i am not doctor obviously and have not read any reports on the actual injury so please correct me if I am wrong] but the stretcher and such was precautionary measure. Neck injuries are nothing to mess with when they occur. It looked like a bad stinger on the neck and we all know they are nothing to mess with. It could just be a neck stinger ... but like I said I did not read any reports on the actual injury so if I am wrong anybody please correct me.

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