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NFC Wildcard Race


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With three weeks left in the season I thought I would hop on here and get everyones opinions. I think the two wild card spots are going to go to New York and Green Bay. Green Bay can lock up a spot with a win this week and a Giants or Cowboys loss. I'm pullin' for the Skins 100% the next two weeks. I think the Cowboys will sizzle out like they always do in December and the Giants own the tie breaker over the Cowboys. What does eveyone else think? I also have two more side notes...1. I felt horrible about what happened in the Saints game you guys outplayed them pretty much the entire game, and I believe the fumble by Sellers at the end was blown dead and still reviewed? c'mon. 2. someone should get ahold of Orakpo and tell him to stop getting sacks because I would like to see my boy Clay Matthews get some Rookie of the Year lovin' :D. I give you guys all the cudos in the world for stickin with the skins rollercoaster seasons. Your some of the most loyal fans I have ever met. good luck to your boys the rest of the season.

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