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PFT: Redskins chasing Bruce Allen


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On the same morning that executive V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato has resigned, triggering speculation that Mike Holmgren or Mike Shanahan could be taking the reins of the Redskins, Jay Glazer of FOX has dropped a bomb on us, baby.

Glazer reports that Redskins coaches were advised today that the teams is in talks with former Raiders and Buccaneers executive Bruce Allen.

Allen's father, George, was one of the most beloved coaches in franchise history not named "Joe Gibbs."

As Glazer points out, the Redskins would be required to satisfy the Rooney Rule when filling the top front-office position. In this case, either the Redskins already have quietly satisfied the requirement, or Allen would be hired for a position that does not presently require compliance with the Rooney Rule.

The arrival of Allen undoubtedly would trigger speculation that the next move would be to dump coach Jim Zorn and pursue Jon Gruden, who partnered with Allen both in Oakland and Tampa.

This is crazy, WHO IS IT!!!

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Apparently Gruden can't leave his position at ESPN so he's out of the equation. This is from Mort's chat yesterday:

Bill (Columbus)

Hey mort love your commercial with adam. What do you think of clevelands attempt to hire Holmgren? Do you think this is a good move? I for one think holmgren would bring in Maraucchi or gruden to coach this team, your thoughts.....

Chris Mortensen (11:48 AM)

Holmgren would bring some credibility. Gruden is not going anywhere. He can't contractually, otherwise I would have agreed with you. I doubt it on Mariucci. I think Leslie Frazier is possible but let me throw out a surprise name to you - Marty Mornhinweg. Marty was successful OC in SF, has done great as the real play-caller in Philly. How much can we hold Lions against him in light of their dismal performance as a franchise? And how long do we hold 20 seconds of a coin flip and "I'll take the wind" against him? Just questions.

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I heard that it won't be Allen. Snyder has a thing for Matt Millen. It makes sense too. Millen was part of the Superbowl Redskins days and has experience with a GM and really likes drafting big wide receivers.

Millen for GM!!!

No, just.....oh god....even joking that hurts.

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I dont buy it.

The new GM will decide if Zorn & JC stay...and quite frankly, given that Cerrato didnt mention Zorn in his outgoing statement, I think Vinny lost his battle with Zorn directly...

Vinny didn't lose a battle with Zorn, Vinny lost a battle with the fans that he's been winning for a decade. Good coaches don't want to come here and they won't as long as Vinny is here. Vinny holds ZERO respect among his peers. In the leadership world that is key. People don't have to like you, but they sure as hell have to respect you.

The fanbase has been rumbling. Zorn was in a fight with Vinny without any weapons. Zorn makes himself look as bad as Vinny made him look. I like Zorn as a man, but he's bottom three in coaching. His fate was sealed when a retiree left "bingo-calling" to offer consulting tips for the club, then when he takes over, the offense lights up. "Bingo-Zorn's fate is sealed."

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The way I see it even if Allen totally tanked it is a positive move since it would signal an attempt to move towards a credible FO structure that would allow future hires. As it is the Skins are seen as a toxic environment to work in, that needs addressing first.

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not really...just coaches wise, yes...but Gruden runs the west coast....i think its basically the same thing....

Jon Gruden comes from the Paul Hackett tree of the west coast offense and he's got more in common with Mike McCarthy than he does with Jim Zorn. Holmgren's branch of the WCO is IMO a much more purist variety. Zorn's philosophy is a lot like how the Eagles used to play. There will be changes.

I like this move though. I'm not sold on Shanhan as a talent evaluator. He's only had one really impressive class this decade and a lot of lemons.

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