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Vinny Cerrato Appreciation Thread


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After hearing that dumbass statement vinny made about Samuel's injury being some what a "mental thing", I have absolutely no remorse what so ever for this bumb.

I hope he never steps foot into FedEx field ever again. If he does, have security throw his ass out like they did the fans protesting his termination.

I re-quoted my comment from another thread.

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Now that bug eyes is gone, for good this time (I hope) I'll be nice in this thread.

Thank You Vinny for the Chris Samuels pick. He took a chance going with Chris that high. Most did not have him rated that high and you still went with him and he proved to be a fantastic pick.

Thank You for not screwing up the Orakpo pick.

That is all.

Good Bye.

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I recommend closing this thread. Speak for yourself, numbnuts. "You" might start a pointless, classless thread, but don't use "we" so ignorantly. Mob mentality doesn't rule the day.

You're right, probably a little tasteless.

Still, this is a joyous day for the downtrodden fans of this team. You gotta let the people have their fun..:2cents:

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