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CNN: Cafferty: Where does controlling the volume of TV rank as an issue?

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Congress is full of idiots.


Congress is turning its attention to one of the most pressing issues of our time: lowering the volume of TV commercials.

That's correct - apparently we no longer need to be concerned with the little stuff... you know... like the worst recession since the Great Depression, health care reform, skyrocketing deficits, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, 10-percent unemployment, a crisis in education... the commercials on television are too loud and something must be done.

The House has passed a measure by a voice vote called Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act - or CALM... which says that ads can be no louder than the TV shows during which they appear. An identical measure is making it way through the Senate.

Supporters call loud ads annoying and frustrating and say they came up with the bill after finding out this was a common complaint with the Federal Communications Commission. The measure would require the FCC to set new rules within a year - and start enforcing them a year later. Meanwhile - experts say viewers may not even be able to tell the difference if this becomes law.

When asked why Congress has to get involved in this, Republican Congressman Cliff Stearns of Florida said: "You can say, 'Well, that's fine. Just turn it off. But it's constantly an irritant when you have to do it. And we've got all the new bowl games coming up."

I now want to sharpen a pencil and jam it in my ear because I cannot take it anymore.

Here’s my question to you: On a list of the great issues of our time, where does controlling the volume of TV commercials rank?

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1) This whole "Congress is not permitted to do anything until Peace On Earth and Universal Prosperity have been achieved" argument is bogus.

I prefer the argument of "they can get crap like this passed easily but can't get anywhere on anything IMPORTANT".

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You say that like it's a bad thing.

Do you really want it to be easy for Congress to pass important legislation?

Why isn't it easy, Larry?

It's not because they're spending time trying to figure out what benefits the American people most. If that were the case then I would be all for lengthy delays while they sort it out.

But it's not. Just a bunch of lame ass politicians bickering over how certain bills will make them look in political terms.

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I far as I'm concerned it's a big issue. I hate the volume up and down ****. Trying to watch tv in bed when your spouse is asleep and some jack ass like Billy Maze or the whopper chopper guy commercial comes on, big pain in the ass. I'm really surprise that the TV manufactures haven't come up with a limiter to cancel the volume increase by now.

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