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Redskins Park: Quotes - Head Coach Jim Zorn and Players

Mark The Homer

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December 16, 2009

Redskins Park

Head Coach Jim Zorn

On injuries:

“Albert Haynesworth went and participated in practice. He did some drill work this afternoon. He was limited. The guy that we had doing drill work this morning, but didn’t participate in practice was DeAngelo [Hall]. He’s working his way in. He’s feeling more and more stable. We’re just trying to get him going more and more during the week. Kareem Moore was limited with his ankle sprain, but he did participate in some of the practice. Mike Sellers was doing drills, but did not participate in practice. We hope to get him going more and more.”

On how he will use the extra day during the week:

“I’m going to use that extra day on Saturday and just get some work done on those situations. Today was just a normal day. Today, tomorrow, and Friday we are using as though we were getting ready for Sunday. Then we will have a bonus day, if you will, on Saturday.”

On if thinks this game will be a high scoring affair:

“I couldn’t predict the score. I just know that they had over 500 yards of offense, and that’s a lot of offense in one game for any NFL team. That’s pretty good. They have it cranked up. What we have to do is slow that down and continue to keep pace with what we’re doing. I don’t know if the scores are going to be there in this game like they were in that particular game, actually I hope not, but we are going to pay attention to what we do and make sure we are working on offense so we can finish those drives that we start as well.”

On winning games when you’re familiar with you’re opponent:

“I think there are many things. One is to be sound, to continue to improve in the areas that we need to. Keep leaning on our strengths and getting the guys involved in the game plan that are the strengths of our football team. There is no doubt that we have to play very good defense against this particular offense because they are high powered. We are going to pay attention to all their players as well – Eli Manning being one of the catalysts of their football team. The have an excellent defensive line. We have to pay attention to all of those things. I think those are the keys to winning this football game. Obviously when you play a division rival, other things come into factor. Time of possession, we have to possess the ball. Our field position, we have to be concerned about our field position. There are a lot of factors involved with this kind of game.”

On the fact that this game has an impact on the NFC East title:

“I’m not going to have to have that thought with our football team, because then we are playing for somebody else. In my mind, I want to play for us and what we need to do. All those things will come out but I certainly don’t want our players playing that way. We’re playing for somebody else to go down, or win the division. I don’t want to do that. I want to win.”

On punt returns failing to generate any yardage this season:

“Well, I would say that we haven’t really had a chance. We’re averaging six yards a return, maybe less now. That’s not stellar. I think as we look around, what we want is ball security more than return yardage from Antwaan [Randle El] right now. Ball security, we’ll get that yardage.”

On if he’s thinking about having wide receiver Devin Thomas return punts:

“We’ll go with Devin [Thomas], and we’ll keep going with Santana [Moss]. I’d love to see DeAngelo [Hall] get more than he’s gotten as well.”

On if a successful punt return game sparks an offense, and vice versa:

“It’s critical when it’s not going well, the way it’s been going. We lost 18 yards when the ball hit the ground the other day, we fumbled the punt, and we lost the ball. To get a spark, to actually have return yardage, the idea is to get one first down when you catch that ball. Go get 10 yards. Now you’re creating offense for yourself. You’re creating more of an opportunity for you to score. The odds are you’re going to score easier. So it’s a critical part of the game that we must continue to improve.”

Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell

On if he’s surprised at how the offense has improved given the injuries to the offensive line:

“Probably just a little surprised, just at how fast they came along. Working together in practice, and also a little bit of a rough start from the beginning because a lot of guys hadn’t played in a while on the same page, and things like that, with communication on the offensive line and being physical and everything, takes time because you got to get used to each other. I feel like over the last couple of weeks they got used to our schemes, used to their blocking assignments, and also they know what they’re doing. They’re not guessing or not thinking too much, I think those are things that could slow you down, but when you’re not thinking, that can help you.”

On how that affects his comfort level:

“It gives me the opportunity to drop back to throw the ball. You see how the last couple weeks we added deeper drops and deeper routes to our offense because of the way they’ve been playing up front. Because now that we have the time to get some of those passes out and let longer developing plays time to develop.”

On if their goal the rest of the season is to spoil other team’s playoff chances:

“A lot of folks will say we can spoil other people’s seasons - that’s not our mindset. Our mindset is, let’s win for us. Let’s do it for us. Even though we’re not going to the playoffs, there are still a lot of guys just fighting, for a lot of reasons. Let’s win for us, not worry about trying to spoil someone else’s season."

On how much the original Giants game plan comes into affect for this second game:

“It’s totally different. There will be some things that you notice, because you play them so much, but each time you play an opponent twice a year there are always going to be some different wrinkles, some things that you do differently, and this time of year you also see different guys that weren’t even playing in the first game because of injuries. If you look at the Giants and some of the injuries they’ve had. You got [Antonio] Pierce, a big part of what they do, and is their vocal leader, and he hasn’t been in there. He’s on IR. You look at our offense and we got a lot of guys on IR, so not a lot of the same faces playing against each other on Monday night.”

On the fact that he’s never beaten the Giants:

“It’s something I’ve thought about. That’s the one team, for whatever reason, they’ve been a tough nail for us over the last couple years. We lost to them on the 1-yard line here, that turned their whole season around, they win the Super Bowl. We win the windy game up there, but I was injured, didn’t get a chance to play in that one. For whatever reason Todd [Collins] said, ‘be glad you didn’t play in that one because it was so windy you couldn’t throw five yards.’ Other than that, all of them have been close games though. Very first time I played them we come all the way back and we lose at the end. So, none of them have really been a one-sided game they’ve all been close.”

On how satisfying it would be to finally beat the Giants:

“It’d be exciting just to get another win. Just try and get something in a row. We had spurts where we won one, and lose the next two or three. You just want to try and do some things to get on a winning streak. Ever since the halftime of the Atlanta game, I feel like we’ve played to win every last one of the games we’ve been in. And

we’ve been ahead in a lot of those games going into the fourth quarter, so we’ve been playing with a winning attitude, a lot of them just turn up differently at the end of the game.”

On if being benched during the Kansas City game was a turning point in his season:

“I think heading up to the game I put a little more pressure on myself than I should have because I felt like we weren’t playing the way we could have been playing to win games. I feel like I was trying to shoulder too much of the load. In the Tampa Bay game, I caught myself trying to do too much in the first half, then in the second half I just relaxed and just played ball. That’s how it has been for the rest of the season – not worrying about things that have happened or try and put pressure on yourself to make things happen. Just let things develop and be you.”

On if he is proving a point this year:

“To me it was never about proving a point. I always believed in what I could do. Last season I felt like I had a good year. Things didn’t go the way we wanted it to down the end of the stretch, but overall I felt like I had a pretty good year. For all the things that I went through during the off season, I don’t feel like it could have happened or it should have happened, but as the same time, we understand that this is the nature of our business. You have to always be prepared for any situation at any time and understand that you can’t get down or second guess yourself because things happened sometimes you can’t control.”

On his play this season:

“I feel like the guys around me are helping me make plays. I feel like everyone is contributing. If you look at the way we have been playing over the last five or six weeks, it’s not one person or a two people. It’s us as a whole and its different guys making different plays at different times. Nobody is looking to get credit for any of it. We all just want to have fun and win.”

Linebacker/Defensive End Brian Orakpo

On being named NFC Defensive Player of the Week:

“It’s a huge honor. I never would have imagined. I’m just out there trying to make plays. Coming in my first year not really knowing what to expect, but to be named defensive player of the week is a huge accomplishment for myself.”

On if he has noticed a change in his performance now that he’s been playing more at the defensive end position:

“I can notice it. Now I can be more free out there instead of worrying about doing too much or anything like that. They just gave me the option of really being loose out there and really making stuff happen. If I don’t get there then we can get them next time, I’ve just got to keep moving.”

On if feels he is playing better at the defensive end position:

“I think so. Primarily it’s our offense that’s really clicking, giving us a chance to really move the ball a lot, to where teams have to get out of their running game and start putting the ball in the air.”

On how he feels the pass rushers are playing:

“Once you have two good ends rolling, it makes the competition hungry to get more sacks and pressures. If you just have one guy doing it, that’s when you don’t really see a huge number and so many big plays. That’s why Andre [Carter] only had 4.5 [last year]; it was really just him rolling by himself. Now that I’m here and [Albert] Haynesworth is here, it’s really gives everybody a competition type of edge to really to get out there.”

On what the team has done to stay positive throughout the season despite the number of losses:

“Basically it’s not what we’ve done, it’s what we’ve put out there as far as never quitting. Fans really see that this team, regardless of the adversity throughout the season and the turmoil, we don’t quit. We’re going to go out there and compete, and that’s why we don’t get blown out. We don’t just lay it down and let teams just run all over us. We’re going to compete and try to get a win. We got one last week.”

Running Back Quinton Ganther

On playing in front of a national audience:

“Anytime you get a chance to play in front of a national audience is a blessing. You have to make sure you are ready because everybody is watching you.”

On being able to play the spoiler for the New York Giants:

“It’s not even about playing the spoiler role, if it comes down to that then you should find other ways to motivate yourself. This is about us right now, it’s not about spoiling the Giants’ season. It’s about us correcting the things we did wrong this past game and doing them right this week.”

On surprising himself this year:

“No, this isn’t a surprise to me. I know what I can do and I know what I’m capable of. It’s all about me getting the opportunity to show everybody else what I can do.”

On the significance of the remaining three games:

“It’s a time for some guys to make statements. A lot of guys that have been able to play that weren’t able to play earlier in the year. So it’s a time for us to get better, not only as a team but as an individual. The season is almost over and nobody knows what is going to happen. This is the time to seal a spot or a job in this league.”

Wide Receiver Santana Moss

On punt returning and how it compares to other things that a receiver does on the field:

“It’s real difficult at times, just depending on how they are kicking knowing what you have to concentrate on, getting the ball clean. Either you are going to fair catch it while somebody is in your face, or you going to catch it with somebody in your face and try to make them miss. It’s a lot of different things that you have to do when it comes to being a punt returner. But at the end of the day when you have been doing it for so long it comes natural. You just have to stay sound at what you do, you can’t fall short of how you prepare yourself.”

On the game becoming easier when team has a lot of confidence:

“Never, when you have a little confidence you see yourself doing a lot better, you just have to go out and keep it going. It isn’t going to be easier, you might feel a little better, you might have a little more assurance about yourself that you aren’t out there second guessing. I think it gives that team a sense that they can be beat. But you still have to go out and play. You have to make them believe that the team that they saw on film is the team that they are going to play.”

On Jason Campbell saying he has never beat the Giants since he has been the quarterback and what it would mean if they did it collectively:

“I guess it would mean a lot. I just want to win regardless of who is out there playing. The Giants are a team that you have to give them your respect because year in and year out they always find a way to beat us. They bring their ‘A Game’, and they know a lot when they line up against you.”

Wide Receiver Devin Thomas

On the New York Giants defense pride being questioned publicly:

“I’m sure they are going to come ready to play. They know it’s a division game and it is always a good battle between us and the Giants. I’m sure they have a game plan like we do, they are going to continue to fight and play hard.”

On playing Monday night under the lights:

“It just adds more excitement. It’s more of a thrill just knowing that everybody is watching and a chance to really represent and showcase what type of team you are. It can put you on the map, or make people understand what type of team you are. It’s huge for us knowing that we are 4-9, to showcase that we are much better than what our record shows.”

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On if he’s thinking about having wide receiver Devin Thomas return punts:

“We’ll go with Devin [Thomas], and we’ll keep going with Santana [Moss]. I’d love to see DeAngelo [Hall] get more than he’s gotten as well.”

Does this mean ARE has been demoted as punt returner?!?!


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