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Sean Taylor Memorial Meast of the Week/Decade - profanity warning


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Caution - contains profanity....


Sean Taylor Memorial Meast Of The… DECADE?!!?!?!?!!


Okay, some business to take care of first. We have to name our Meast of the Week for Week 14. All of us agreed on Brandon Marshall, who broke an NFL record with 21 catches and, best of all, wiped TO’s name from the NFL record book. But then I thought about it, and I think I’d rather have TO in the record book than Brandon Marshall. Brandon Marshall is a ****ing wife-beating *******. So your Meast of the week this week is Desean Jackson, who treated the Giants backfield like the end of the month treats a pantyliner.

As for your Least of the week, continuing our Chiefs theme of the day, it’s Matty Cassel, who threw four picks as the Chiefs lost to Buffalo 16-10.


Cassel has thrown seven picks in his last three games. He’s completing less than 55% of his passes, and averages less than 200 yards a game. Thankfully, Cassel isn’t a rookie QB, so we don’t have to do that annoying thing where you have to give a QB time before you declare them a bust.

No, we can do that right now. Matt Cassel is a ****ing BUST.

Man, I’ll never get tired of declaring people busts. It’s a joy unlike any other. Why, just yesterday, my son cried and I declared him a true bust. Then I sold him for a potato. Life is fun that way.

Now, we’re fast approaching the end of the decade, and you’re starting to see a ****load of decade retrospectives. The best in this. The worst in that. Well, there’s no reason we can’t join the fray. Now, our selection of the Sean Taylor Memorial Meast of the Decade was an easy one. You can have your Peyton Mannings and your Tom Bradys. We even duct taped Ape and stuck him I nthe closet to prevent him from naming James Harrison. No, your Sean Taylor Memorial Meast of the Decade is, of course, SEAN TAYLOR.


Now, Sean will be ineligible to win this award next decade, because he’s dead. So I bet the race for the Meast of the 10’s will be a lot less predictable.

As for the Least of the Decade…


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