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NFL Draft order entering Week 15


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# Chicago-Denver: Jay Cutler

# Denver-Seattle: Alphonso Smith

# Carolina-San Francisco: Everette Brown

1.Tampa Bay (1-12)

2.St. Louis (1-12)

3.Detroit (2-11)

4.Cleveland (2-11)

5.Kansas City (3-10)

6.Washington (4-9)

7.Oakland (4-9)

8.Buffalo (5-8)

9.Denver - from Chicago (5-8)

10.Seattle (5-8)

11.San Francisco - from Carolina (5-8)

12.Pittsburgh (6-7)

13.Atlanta (6-7)

14.Tennessee (6-7)

15.Houston (6-7)

16.San Francisco (6-7)

17.Jacksonville (7-6)

18.New York Jets (7-6)

19.New York Giants (7-6)

20.Baltimore (7-6)

21.Miami* (7-6)

22.Dallas* (8-5)

23.Arizona* (8-5)

24.Seattle - from Denver* (8-5)

25.New England* (8-5)

26.Green Bay* (9-4)

27.Philadelphia* (9-4)

28.Cincinnati* (9-4)

29.San Diego* (10-3)

30.Minnesota* (11-2)

31.Indianapolis* (13-0)

32.New Orleans* (13-0)

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So if we're ahead of Oakland, I take it head-to-head has no relevance in the draft rankings?

Not as far as I know. If at the end of the year there is an issue where there are teams with the same win/loss and strength of schedule %, they resort to the all mighty coin flip.

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Tampa has Seattle, New Orleans and Atlanta left

St Louis has Houston, St Louis and SF left

Detroit has St Louis, SF and Chicago left

Cleveland has KC, Oakland and Jacksonville

KC has Cleveland, Cincy and Denver

I don't see much movement in the top 5 except maybe a flip-flop with KC and Cleveland.

I'm always routing for the Skins but a couple of wins could have a huge effect on our position, like 4 or 5 spots.

BTW - thanks for post this OF.

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