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ESPN: Roy Williams 'We should be victorious'


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IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams looks forward to the challenge of facing a Super Bowl championship team Saturday night.

Except the 13-0 New Orleans Saints haven't ever been to a Super Bowl, much less won one.

Calvin Watkins and Tim MacMahon have the Cowboys blanketed for ESPNDallas.com. Check in with their constantly updated coverage. Blog

"Might as well crown them, right?" Williams said with more than a hint of saracasm Tuesday. "They're undefeated. It's December. We don't have a chance."

With a straight face, Williams said he is also looking forward to a rematch with the Saints in the Superdome.

"This is a two-round fight, and this is just the first round, in my eyes," Williams said. "I don't know about everybody else, but I think we're going to see this team in the playoffs down the road."

The odds of that happening increase dramatically if the Cowboys (8-5) can win Saturday. If they don't, their playoff hopes will be on the ropes.

But that hasn't stopped Williams from taking on an Ali-like swagger.

"If we pack our bags and show up in New Orleans on Saturday night," he said, "we should be victorious."

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So all the Cowboys have to do is show up and they'll win?...Atta boy, Roy!! :applause: :D

No kidding. I'm sure GW isn't showing this to his defense. Shouldn't get them fired up at all.

Bulletin Board material is never a good idea, especially if the team is undefeated and capable of hanging 40+ on any given Sunday.

But whatever makes RW happy, I guess.

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Did Roy just call out the Saints?

Too. ****ing. Funny.


Where are the puke fans to defend him?

Oh, that's right...it's December. They're gone from ATN.

I've been here all along. For over five years. Close to six. Every December.

Either way, there's nothing to defend here. He's a blowhard.

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The Saints are very tough to beat at home. Ask the Pats (although no longer a powerhouse). I've never seen seen a Tom Brady led Pats get man handled for 60 mins until that Monday night Saints Game.

Just showing up is not going to cut it for the Cowboys.

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