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There are a few Atlanta residents on the board, so I figured I'd mention that I was just down there last week for the National Lutheran Youth Gathering as a chaperone for my church. There were about 25,000 kids, so you probably know what I'm talking about.

Real nice city you have down there. The Georgia World Congress Center is one of the biggest buildings I've ever been in. The Georgia Dome is pretty nice as well. It's cool how CNN, Philips Arena, and the Dome are all in the same area.

And I'm sure those two gigantic Fox News billboards across from CNN please ASF to no end. :)

Anyway, do any Atlanta residents know what I'm talking about?

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I moved here about a year and a half ago. Overall, Atlanta is a wonderful city to live in. One of the coolest things I remember seeing not too long after I came here was a huge billboard for the NCAA tournament with a picture of Gary Williams that read "Welcome to Gary-land".

I still haven't been inside the GA World Congress Ctr. yet but it does look huge from the outside. I have been to a Falcons game and a couple of Hawks games and have found the GA Dome to be a much superior gameday experience than Fedex. With that said, I'd still much rather be able to use my Skins season tickets I just shipped off to the guy that purchased them.:(

Atlanta is a great place to live but like anywhere it does have it's downside(s). One the thing that has been really hard to get used to is how lame the media (radio/TV as well as print) here is. I expected a lot better from such a large city. Also, it is the gay capitol of the south which isn't too great. Other than those things, it's really a cool place to live.

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You don't consider the traffic a downside?

I've been to Atlanta many times; mostly stay in the Roswell area, sometimes in Marietta. Whenever I visit someplace I always ask myself the question, "Could I live here?" If it weren't for the traffic Atlanta might be a place I could live. I left LA after 2 years for the same reason.

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I lived in Atlanta for ten years, finally returning to Virginia in Dec. of 02 due to family. I'd have to say I liked the city, especially the plethora of things to do there like the theatre, Braves..Hawks.... Falcons, and the nice places to dine..... but never fell in love with the city nor planted roots.

What I hated? The lack of culture and history. Most of the Ole' city burned down compliments of Sherman... and what was left has long since been razed. The city is very transient, most people having moved there from somewhere else. That makes for a difficult enviroment to meet new people, since the tendancy is to meet a new circle of friends and get comfortable...READ insulate yourself from the rest of the city and it's people.

Watching a game in the dome is like watching it from your couch, only smokier and with the PA system sitting in the seat next to you. Very sterile and unattached. Hawks games... you can walk up and buy a seat behind the players on the floor considering their current talent.

What I miss most... the Braves. Love watching a game at the TED, having averaged roughly 25-35 games a year. Next... the women.. some of the prettiest women on earth live in Atlanta.

Oh... and I've met Yusuf (A kind and distinguished gentlemen) at an NFL opening game party ASF (Atlanta Skins Fan) threw last year. Huge projection screen T.V..... Cold Beer.... great food... and a Redskin Win!!!!! Turns out ASF and I lived roughly 100 yards from each other on the same street. LOL!!!!!!

The Traffic... nothing EFFs up a plan more than Atlanta traffic. It's not uncommon to have plans.. only to hear on the radio that the perimeter (285) is closed due to a fuel tanker explosion, small plane crash, or 50 car pileup. Traffic in Atlanta is worse than Los Angeles when factoring the more compact city Atlanta is in comparison to sprawling LA.

Finally.... weather. Nothing like those spring Thunder Boomers due to the humidity and Gulf of Mexico moisture engine. And ... overall two temperatures in Atlanta.... Hot as fire... where wearing clothes can be considered optional..... or cool.... sweatshirt weather. Rarely snow... or ice.... or crisp fall days like here in Va.

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Kurp, I suppose everything is relative. I grew up in the Orlando area and visit there frequently. I just chuckle when my relatives there whine about all the I-4 traffic. Likewise, when I moved here from Springfield, VA I was like "Hey, traffic here is much better than back in VA....cool" only to hear everyone else here b*tching and moaning about how bad the traffic is. I live in Marietta and work in midtown. It only takes me 35-40 minutes tops to get to work if I leave home at 0610. In contrast, to get to my job at Arlington Hospital from Springfield by 0645 I had to leave home at no later than 0550. For every 5 minutes after that time I could count on it costing me about 10 minutes extra to get there.

As for CSkin's comments about Atlanta having little culture and history I'd have to agree. When I moved here, I remember Cynthia telling me that everybody always asks her what Atlanta is known for to which she replies "not much".

However, all the newness can be a good thing in a way. For example, there is new construction all over town so that you can pick and choose where you want to live if you're in the market for a new house. Try finding a newly constructed home in the DC area. It's not impossible, but somewhat more difficult....unless you're Bill Gates of course.

Even so, there is plenty of stuff going on here to keep us busy. For one, I like the Atlanta rap scene. In fact, my Brother in Law just released an album himself. Also, Atlanta is centrally located to most of the rest of the East coast so I'm just a short drive to Orlando, Myrtle Beach, or even DC.

I agree that there are a lot of people here who are transient. However, being a transplant myself that's a good thing to me. It gives me plenty of ex DC types to talk with. Also, there is a return to the South underway by African Americans that is really cool and that I'm proud to be a part of.

Finally, as far as gripes go I'll return to the gay thing again. While I don't agree with the lifestyle I don't have a problem with working with them and seeing them around. However, the problem is, it makes it difficult to make friends because you never know whether a guy is being cool or trying to hit on you.

In the end, no place is perfect and I can live with Atlanta's shortcomings. The biggest shortcoming by far though has been that I can't go see my Skins at Fedex. :( Let's just say that Sunday Ticket enabled Cynthia and I to get married.;) ;)

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