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Draft 2010: What Other Teams Need a QB?


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I'm wondering who we might be able to trade with in the draft if Bradford/Clausen fall to us and through some miracle of nature, we decide to shop that pick around.

I'm thinking the following teams need a QB:

Rams (irrelevant since they draft before us)




Right now I see those teams as the only ones realistically willing to trade up with us to nab one of the top QBs in this draft.

For the record, I'd much rather we trade down for extra picks considering the amount of needs we have if Okung is no longer available.

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Here are the teams that I think might be shopping for a fancy new QB in the draft:

-Minnesota: Favre can't last much longer, and they're not sold on T-Jack

-St. Louis: Bulger is old, ineffective, and injury prone

-Seattle: See above but for Hasselback

-Carolina: See above but for Delhomme

-Oakland: Hey, the Raiders don't like Russel and don't count out Al Davis doing something crazy in the draft

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Point is, I think we need to find a trading partner for our pick so we can move down in the draft. I'm assuming since Bradford will still be there (likely) when we pick, that we'd be better off getting more picks so we can bolster the OL with late round 1st/2nd round picks.

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