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I remember back in 1984 or so, when Joe was still at his height as a QB that talk of him being a HOF QB was considered a legit conversation. Now people treat it as a joke.

There is a picture of Joe Theismann and John Riggins laughing on the sideline before a game and the caption read "Teammates in Canton?" or something like that.

I'd love to see Joey T somehow get in, but unfortunately it's never going to happen. His "elite" era was unfortunately very short (about 3 seasons) and his career numbers, while good for his time, are being dwarfed by average passers today.

I do wish Joe was treated with more respect by a greater number of Skins fans than he sometimes gets. He gets **** on by some folks when in fact he is the all time leading passer in Skins history and not fan favorite Sonny Jurgensen.

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Granted this will probably have no effect on the actual voting and there are other Redskins more worthy of the HOF. Please don't let Too Tall Jones get ahead of Joe. There are too many Raiders in the HOF too.:helmet:


Unfortunately these votes don't count for anything. However it would be nice to get a little attention thrown on Grimm and Co. with that amazing line.

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Ox: You've been spending way too much time in Downtown Vegas. :D

True, Look at Gary Clark's numbers vs. Irvin plus Clark was in USFL for 2 yrs.

Irvin was Crackhead, got re-instated. Dexter never gets a break?

Speaking of Chickens, Here's my pecking order:

Chris Hanburger (long overdue)

Jake Jacoby

Russ Grimm

Gary Clark


Doug Williams


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I agree about Chris Hanburger. There is no reason that he shouldn't be in the HOF! Of course he won't get in because he is not a name that everyone remembers. He will probably get in posthumously.

I would like to see Theismann get in the HOF, I doubt sincerely that would happen. I think that he was trying to do the John Madden route, but obviously it didn't work out for him that way. Theismann is probably my favorite Redskins QB.

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