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Jets made good

pass on Coles

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier (r.) got some good ex-Jets, but Gang Green won't miss Laveranues Coles that much.

ASHBURN, Va. - Herman Edwards will not be granted immunity from Laveranues Coles' pregame routine of psyching himself up by staring down the opposing coach during warmups.

When the Jets open the season Sept. 4 on the road against the Redskins, Coles will be looking for Edwards because he's added him to his list of coaches who didn't want him. But Edwards should not pay any attention.

The Jets made the right move letting Coles go. Nobody is calling him the next Jerry Rice. But DT Dewayne Robertson, obtained in a package that included the No. 1 pick the Jets received for Coles, is showing signs of fulfilling his buildup as the next Warren Sapp. Remember, defense wins Super Bowls.

Even if Coles says his departure from the Jets was business on both sides and he holds no hard feelings against them, clearly he feels Edwards didn't stick up for him when decisions about his future were made.

"Well, I think he had a lot to do with it," Coles said this week. "I'm pretty sure a head coach can say, 'I need this guy. Bring him back.'"

It would have been moot if Jets GM Terry Bradway didn't mess up the Coles situation before free agency started. Bradway couldn't get him signed to a long-term deal and then tendered Coles as a restricted free agent at $1.3million, the level where the compensation is a No.1pick.

Had Bradway been willing to eat another $450,000 in cap space on the tender, the compensation would have been Nos.1 and 3 picks. He miscalculated the market. Redskins owner Dan Snyder would not have gone near Coles if he had to give up the extra pick. Instead, Snyder signed him to a seven-year, $35 million offer sheet that included a $13million signing bonus, one of the biggest in NFL history. The Jets wisely passed on matching.

The Jets took the 13thpick they received from the Redskins and added their own pick at No. 22 to move up to Chicago's No. 4 spot. They gave Robertson the same $13 million signing bonus Snyder gave Coles, but that money is better spent on a potentially dominant player to fill a huge need in Edwards' most important defensive line spot than on a wideout.

Three years ago, the Jets traded Keyshawn Johnson to the Bucs for two No.1picks rather than renegotiate his contract. Tampa gave Johnson a $13 million signing bonus. It seems there's a trend here.

"Basically, it says they want good players for no money," Coles said. "Keyshawn got a Super Bowl ring. I was with the Jets and we got no Super Bowl. So what does that say? It's right there in bold letters: Super Bowl. Keyshawn got his money and won a Super Bowl. I'm pretty sure he's happy about everything."

Coles had a breakout season in 2002 and developed strong chemistry with Chad Pennington. Coles was 10th in the NFL with 1,264 receiving yards and 12th with 89 catches. He's a tough, durable, fearless and explosive player. But he's only 5-11 and has done it only once.

The Jets are better off with Robertson and veteran receiver Curtis Conway, signed a day after they didn't match on Coles, than if they had kept Coles, held onto the No. 22 pick and drafted from a group that included DT William Joseph, CBs Sammy Davis and Andre Woolfolk and T Kwame Harris.

You can find receivers. The Jets took Coles in the third round in 2000. DTs are a tougher commodity to get. Robertson, at 317 pounds, is powerful and quick and will have to be accounted for on every play.

Coles has looked terrific in Redskins practice, doing what he did for the Jets - holding onto everything and running hard after the catch. Signing him was a great move for the Redskins. He was better than anybody they could have gotten with the 13th pick.

Now he must show he can put up big numbers two years in a row. And instead of Pennington, he has Patrick Ramsey, as unproven as Pennington was when he took over last year.

Coles doesn't like to hear he's had only one great season. "But I had it," he said. "All I'm going to say is I had one great year and there's guys who have been in the league six, seven, eight years that came through the New York Jets and my name is higher in the record books than theirs. And I'm going to leave it at that."

He has played with a hard edge to him after he lasted so long in the draft. That's why he began staring down the coaches who passed on him. Now Edwards gets the same treatment.

"Here's a coach who had me on his team. He let me go," Coles said. "Hey, he gets the same stare everybody else gets before the game."

Of course, the Jets offense would be better with Coles. But they are a better team with Robertson.

Originally published on August 1, 2003

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But he's only done it only once.

Well, he's got one up on Robertson.

And since he's only had one spectacular season in the first three years of his career means he's not going to do it again?

Usually when a WR has a breakout year he continues to improve, barring injury. I don't see Coles dropping down to 45 catches this year assuming he plays all 16 games.

It's really quite pitiful. I can't wait until we crush them on opening night.

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Hey, look at how long it took Toomer to get going. He had one great season and now he has had several in a row. You have to start with one.

And yes, Keyshawn got his money and a Super Bowl. And now Coles has his money and well, he can be thankful for that because he isn't getting the other part Keyshawn got. :laugh:

I had to do something. You guys are killing me with this, "Tom's a closet Redskins fan."

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Good point. The Skins are in desperate need of a DT. So, would you have rathered the Skins didn't get Coles and tried to trade up for Robertson or are you happier with having Coles? I am sure Skins fans will say they are happier with Coles just like Jet fans will say they are happier having Robertson. We will see Sept. 4 which side is happer, for ten days at least.

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I am MUCH happier with Coles, he is somthing special. But I am not going to say that the Jets are stupid for doing what they did. Snyders whole plan was to make the Jets have no alternitive but to give him up. Though that articial seemed to try to down play Coles scince he is no longer a Jet.

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what else were they supposed to do.......if the plot of the article was "coles gone, season ruined." I don't believe it would've been published in NY.

They're just trying to soften the blow....just like we are with BDW and gardener. Sure we have guys to fill in who are good but un-proven. same with the jets...they have conway.

No team will admit they're worse...EX. Arizona



I have not seen you type anything stupid yet so don't push it.....last years wins against the redskins were special teams flukes just like your mis-hap in the playoffs. Just think If that wouldn't have happened to us, It then wouldn't have happened to you because you wouldn't have those wins under your belt.....

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Riiiight,, two first round picks, a fourth round pick and your best receiver, a certified gamebreaker,,

for a rookie DT.

That seems fair.


If New York won't miss Coles, WHY are they constantly telling everyone they WON'T MISS HIM? I know I made this analogy before, but JEEZ does it fit..

they sound like a bunch of JILTED LOVERS claiming they 'never really wanted her ANYWAY'.

We've all heard that pathetic buddy swear to us and rationalize to us for a year how he's over the chick who dumped him.

Sound familiar?

Get over it already. If you won't miss him, SHUT UP about him.


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Usually when a WR has a breakout year he continues to improve, barring injury. I don't see Coles dropping down to 45 catches this year assuming he plays all 16 games.

OK, I hate to be the guy who is always reminding you about stuff, but we just finished Michael Westbrook and Albert Connell who had (breakout) years in 1999 and went back underground in 2000. I'm not saying that this is what will happen to Coles, but dont necessarily think that just cause Coles was good last year means that he'll be good this year.

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You can find receivers. The Jets took Coles in the third round in 2000. DTs are a tougher commodity to get. Robertson, at 317 pounds, is powerful and quick and will have to be accounted for on every play.

You don't think teams are going to have to account for Coles?

Good.. leave him open.

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Die Hard, that idiotic ASSertion caught my eye too. Yeah, they drafted Coles in round 3 - and they drafted Moss, who's done squat as a WR, in the top 20. It ain't so easy.

Not for defensive linemen either. Of all the teams patting themselves on the back for snapping up d-linemen early, more than half will ultimately be disappointed. A few will be really click, more will be merely good, and a couple will outright suck. Until we know where Robertson falls, its stupid to pass judgement. If he turns out to be great, not just very good, then it will be a worthwhile move.

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