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PFT: Steelers GM Colbert possibly available in a combo with Cowher

Andre The Giant

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I can't provide a link from my mobile device (maybe someone else could edit it in), but the gist of the PFT report is that the Steelers are preparing to potentially lose their GM Colbert to reteam with Bill Cowher.

Guys like this are very rarely available on the market! Wouldn't the infusion of a Steelers-type culture do our team a world of good. They've also drafted extremely well.

I know they run different schemes then our WCO / 3-4, but a Colbert / Cowher combo would look awfully good to this Skins fan.

Vinny hasn't drafted poorly, but he struggles when putting together a successful organization. Marty didn't attack his scouting skills last week, he challenged his character. Cowher and Colbert would bring instant credibility in this dept.

C'mon Danny! Go after 'em.

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I'd be happy will Parcells also. But remember, Colbert's team won the Super Bowl last year and almost every player was drafted. The Steelers have rarely used free agency.

I just this hire would be a slam dunk for Dan. It would eliminate many of the org's perceived current issues (overreliance on free agency, inexperienced HC, poor media perception, overall professionalism...)

He would have to get out of the way, but he could celebrate the victories that would eventually surface.

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Here is the link...


Long before a certain late-night faux news anchor made the surname "Colbert" famous via a fancy pronunciation that renders the "T" silent, Kevin Colbert (kol'-bert) was grinding away in the bowels of the Steelers organization.

Colbert became the top guy in the Pittsburgh front office after former coach Bill Cowher won a stare down with Tom Donahoe, and Colbert has been responsible for putting together a team that has won two Super Bowls in four seasons.

But it has been assumed since Cowher left the team that if/when he returns as a coach he'll make a run at a reunion with Colbert. Indeed, on a couple of occasions over the past two years, we've caught wind of rumors that Cowher has placed Colbert and cap-and-contracts guy Omar Khan on stand by, in the event Cowher emerges from semi-retirement.

Clink link for full article...

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Too bad we can't get Cowher and Colbert. We need two guys who know what they are doing. If they go to Carolina, that means Carolina will improve a lot and life will be tougher for the Skins going forward. Another team gets better while our team sits mirred in quicksand. Its hard to find a smart coach and a smart general manager in the same year. How many teams have both right now? Then again, how many teams have what we have for an owner and for a General Manager! We have a lose-lose deal in the front office now.

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