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per: RI Marty speaks up, talks about Snyder and Vinny what we already know


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Here's an interesting little Marty tidbit from a Loverro article today:


"When you send Dan out along with Vinny Cerrato, Vinny's going to tell him whatever he thinks Dan wants to hear," said Schottenheimer, who coached the Redskins in 2001 and had fired Cerrato shortly after his arrival. "Dan, God love him, I don't know that the analysis and evaluation of quarterbacks is necessarily down his alley.

"I've said for a long time, in my opinion the problem down there - obviously, it starts at the top with Dan - but [the problem] is Cerrato," Schottenheimer said. "I don't particularly respect the guy. He and I had our issues when we were there. Basically what he said was, 'Marty, Dan may be listening to you during the preseason,' he says. 'But wait until I get up in the owner's box during the regular season, and then we'll see who Dan listens to.'

"Now how's that? How's that? And of course, he was gone within the week but rehired shortly after I departed. So now, Dan, he's made his choice [some] time ago, but I'm not a big fan of Cerrato and his work."

If that is how Vinny Cerrato operates - and an indication of how close he is to Snyder - Cerrato's not going anywhere.


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