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Because IMO he hasn't proven jack yet. Westbrook had great games too but overall I consider him a bust.

He hasn't proven anything yet? I know he has proven he is better than he was last year.

I am fine with a little confidence. We need some of that good mojo.

Actually reading the blog, I think he has a good attitude. Hopefully, it continues to pay off.

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Will he be returning kicks anymore? I was under the impression that since Ganther is starting Rock will be returning kicks so Thomas can focus entirely on offense.

i hope not, i believe in what thomas had said earlier this year about wanting to get the ball in his hands(from kickoffs/punts) to get a rhythm going early on. it has showed atleast so far to be fairly accurate.

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Fitting how he updates his blog once he actually started producing.

And if he had been updating it all season long would you get on him for needing to shut up and play?

Give the guy a break, he has every reason to celebrate.

I developed a bit of a man crush on D.Thomas this past offseason and it's been exciting to watch him steadily improve and get more and more looks.

Here's to a very long and very successful Skins career for Showtime Devin 11!

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