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Ouch! Hopefully this means he can't reproduce...


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Dog Gives Flasher His Come-Uppance

ZAGREB (Reuters) - A drunken Croat flasher got more excitement than he bargained for when he pushed his penis through a woman's fence and her dog bit it, local newspapers said on Friday.

The visibly drunk man was walking down the street and started swearing and shouting at the woman for no reason. He then shoved his penis through her fence, unaware her dog was on the other side, police said.

The 36-year-old was taken to hospital with light injuries but later sent home. He will be charged with "insulting the moral feelings of citizens" and "violation of public order."

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It had to be a small dog if the guy left the hospital with his manhood attached and ok. If anyone stuck there pecker thru my fence they would never get there pecker back. My dogs would bite it off and chew it too pieces. They can turn a 10" rawhide bone to pieces in a matter of minutes. The simple thought of what they would do to that man just makes me shiver.:2cents:

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