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Redskins Park: Quotes - Head Coach Jim Zorn and Quarterback Jason Campbell

Mark The Homer

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December 9, 2009

Redskins Park

Head Coach Jim Zorn

On injuries:

“Stephon Heyer was out and did not practice, but he was out on the field. Albert Haynesworth was out with his ankle, just working it. DeAngelo Hall was out with his knee, we just kept him in. Mike Sellers [was out] with his quad. We’re just working through all the issues here. The guys that were limited were Phillip Daniels, just to rest his knee, Cornelius Griffin was limited, Justin Tryon was back full and moving around very well. We had a few little bumps and bruises, but everybody practiced.

“We’ve been doing this every week with Stephon [Heyer], just kind of giving him a little break.

“With DeAngelo it’s all about how his knee responds, and we’re working through those things. He still hasn’t gotten the lateral movement that we need to see, so it’s still taking time.”

On if there’s a chance that defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth may not play in this Sunday’s game against the Raiders:

“Well, we don’t really give him a chance to really heal it up, so we’re just going to try to get him to the best position possible. As he improves hopefully he’ll get some reps out here this week. If not, we’re still hoping that he can go.”

On how the situation has gone with DeAngelo Hall since signing him midway through the 2008 season:

“I think it’s gone excellent. Up until that injury he was really playing well, and he was very enthusiastic about what he was doing, and he was very alert all of the time. He worked as hard in practice as he does in the games. So I’d say it’s a real blow to us to not have him for this long, but we have to make sure – for a DB, he’s got to be able to cut laterally – but I couldn’t be more pleased.”

On if it was tough to make the decision to release kicker Shaun Suisham:

“Yeah, it really was. Shaun has been the kicker here since I’ve been here, and to have a guy do so well in a lot of situations kind of takes you back a little bit. I will say that it’s always difficult to cut a guy. This particular change is probably going to help him a little bit, as much as we hope it helps us, and we have somebody fresh in here that has a strong leg, and we hope that he enters into the game with an immediate impact in a positive way.”

On Clinton Portis being on Injured Reserve:

“I think we have made the right decision with him. He has made every effort to make sure that he feels right to come back. I think this a precautionary situation for him, the doctors asked him to come back in five weeks to do the test again. So there was no way that we could have the opportunity to have him back. Putting him on Injured Reserve will allow him to really rest now, work on those issues with his concussion that will help him get back. I think it is sort of a letdown for him, and that is not being able to finish the season. That’s a letdown for the players.”

On the running back corps and their future:

“I think they’re all doing that. I think everybody is working at helping our football team, playing for our future, and working on their careers. They are doing everything they can to lift up their careers.”

On the success of the offense:

“I see our offensive line being cohesive, number one. I see that running back crew working very hard to get yardage down the field. It’s really helping us, because of our run game, it’s really helped our passing game as well. With our pass protection, blitz pick up and other things that we have been doing communicating on the offensive line, it’s given Jason [Campbell] a chance to really settle in. He has a better rhythm to his game, our receivers are executing better and he knows where they are. I think it is all about everybody picking their game up and working together. Lord knows we have been in the midst of diversity with the injuries that we have had.”

Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell

On his improved play over the past few weeks:

“A lot of it is that a lot more ownership has been put on me at the quarterback position. The offensive line has been playing a lot together now and I think they have gotten better over the weeks because they feel some chemistry together. They first started off and we lost the guys to injuries, it was difficult for them, and different. They had yet to have that communication. They have had the opportunity to communicate and they have been really firm up front and it’s been giving me the opportunity to see downfield and make plays. Then our young guys - our young guys are playing with a lot more confidence right now. I think they’re making plays because they’re not thinking on the field, they’re just playing right now and having fun.”

On the challenges an offense faces on a game winning drive:

“The defense will turn up the heat a little bit more just because they know it will be a one dimensional situation. You just have to be patient and try to work the ball downfield and not turn the ball over. Like I said, over the last couple weeks there have been opportunities. What you have to do is learn from it and just keep fighting.”

On if a quarterback needs to have game winning drives in order to prove himself:

“Each situation is different. You will have some that you will come back in the game and you will have some that you come a little short on. In your NFL career you’re not always going to win them all in that situation but at the end of the day you have to put forth your strongest effort and give yourself an opportunity.”

On if the last few weeks have change his opinion on the Redskins offense and its players:

“A lot of things are not in our control. A lot of things, we can’t dictate the future and what is going to happen. I’m definitely encouraged to see the way that Malcolm [Kelly], Devin [Thomas], and Fred [Davis] have come along over the last couple weeks. I’m excited about the opportunity of seeing even some of the backup lineman who have gotten the opportunity to come in and have now worked themselves into a position where they feel more comfortable.”

On where the offense’s recent success has stemmed from:

“It’s a lot of different things. A lot of it is execution, and some of it is a lot of guys playing with more confidence. I think the game is starting to slow down a little bit for some of the younger guys who are getting opportunities to play. I think a lot of it is that we do have a mixed up, balanced game. We’ve been running the ball pretty successfully, and we do some play action off of it, and you can drop back. There are a lot of different things we’re doing really well right now that we weren’t doing early in the year that I think are giving us the opportunity to keep defenses on their heels.”

On if Devin Thomas has progressed a lot as a wide receiver this year:

“Most definitely. Devin’s done a good job of getting more involved, and using his abilities and his talents to help us make plays and help us win games. I think early in the year that’s something Devin stayed a little bit away from just because he wasn’t sure yet. I think now he’s [playing] a lot more confident and he’s showing the coaches, ‘hey, I can make some plays, just give me opportunity,’ and now they have designed more and more plays to get him involved.

“He’s doing a great job of getting open. I think what has improved has been his releases and his route running.”

On Clinton Portis:

“Clinton is going to do what is best for him. This off-season, he will probably make a big decision - who knows what that decision may be. I’m pretty sure having the concussion that he had – it’s definitely something that you want to make sure that you are really healed. You don’t want to continue to have concussion after concussion.”

On the Raiders secondary:

“Well you know they have good corners and they do a good job in man coverage. They pretty much are going to tell you that this is what they are doing. They are going to challenge you to beat them - that’s the name of their game. They are going to be, more up in your face, style defense and that means we have to be more detailed about what we have to do offensively.”

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