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Gizmodo: Giant mysterious spiral takes over the skies of Norway

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People are freaking out all over Norway because of what you are seeing here. According to Norwegian news outlets, the spooky giant spiral was seen, photographed, and recorded on video from all over the country.

Could it all be a hoax? Maybe it's a massive joke, but all kinds of Norwegian news sites are reporting on it. According to NKR—Norway's national TV channel—it could be related to a rocket fired from a Russian submarine in the White Sea. The Russians are denying any part on it at this at the moment. Nick Banbury, a witness located at Harstad, described how it all happened:

We are used to seeing lots of auroras here in Arctic Norway, but on my way to work this morning I saw something completely unexpected. Between 7:50 and 8:00 a.m. local time, there was a strange light in the sky. It consisted initially of a green beam of light similar in colour to the aurora with a mysterious rotating spiral at one end. This spiral then got bigger and bigger until it turned into a huge halo in the sky with the green beam extending down to the earth.

As hard as it is to believe, you can't dispute the fact that the strange spiral was witnessed and recorded by thousands of people from hundreds of miles away, which means that the phenomenon occurred at a very high altitude. Even Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy agrees that this is real, and says that it was probably a rocket out of control.

So barring any epic group joke, expect your new alien overlords to arrive at any time now. We can only hope they are all peace-loving voluptuous blondes with blue eyes

click the link for the video...


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A couple sites have said that this fits a simulation of a rocket spiraling out of control while spewing fuel, but if you watch the video... I mean, it happens really ****ing fast for it to just be fuel dissipating.

Not that I can come up with any better ideas, unless Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum are about to save the day.

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Looks like a blackhole to me.

Quantum Physics suggests that they are literally everywhere and pop up all the time. Perhaps this one was so small it's gravitational force couldn't keep it fueled.

ETA: But for the record, it looks like it was artificially made by a spotlight from Earth.

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That's what I noticed too. Looks like a spotlight shooting out from some point on land making the swirly thing.

Supposedly, that's a "secondary light" that's actually in the sky and dips below the horizon, like the Aurora Borealis.

Or a Martian Death Ray.

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Hey Larry, your rides here. :D


And the beauty of that one is you can plug in any of 90% of the posters here and be good. I immediately plugged myself in as I am always using that line about myself. :D

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It wasn't the fury of Thor or an alien portal or the Second Coming of Hey-Zeus. Here you have the explanation of the mysterious giant spiral that happened yesternight in Norway, computer simulation included.

The video shows a rocket getting out of fuel and spiraling out of control, which looks exactly like the photos and videos.

Norwegian astronomer Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard says it's 99.9% safe to say that it's a rocket out of control, while some newspapers and TV channels are quoting Russian military sources, confirming that this is a failed Bulava missile launched from a nuclear submarine in the White Sea.

The Norwegian defense has confirmed that, even while they have not admitted the failure, the Russian Navy alerted them about the tests prior to the giant spiral appearing in the skies. And if that wasn't enough to convince everyone, here are two images of the missile trails being blown away by the wind, at dawn:



Sorry people, no alien invasions. Yet.

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