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Directions ot Redskins Park??

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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

I swear its like trying to find Area 51. The easiest way I thought was take RT 7 out to Ashburn rd. Turn right onto Ashburn road which will eventually hit Waxpool. Make a left at Waxpool to the traffic light. At the light make a right and at the next traffic light make a left. And viola you will see people steering you to park in a grassy knoll.

Finding it at night was the worst thing ever. But thats why I insist on practice runs to a new place I need to be at early in the morning

*woo hoo post number 500. I would have more if I was able to post for the 4 months I was in Switzerland studying abroad last fall. But this board kept me sane and allowed me to kind of follow games during last season :cheers:

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