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under reported airline incident...whack...

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Tuesday, 12-01-09

This is scary!

Ok folks sit up and pay some attention or pay... This is one everyone better know aboout.

This is unbelievable. The article in the below link does not indicate in the least what really happened.


I, Gene Hackemack, received this email from my good friend Tedd Petruna, a diver at the NBL facility [Neutral Buoyancy Lab], at NASA Houston, whom I used to work with. Tedd happened to be on this same Flt. 297, Atlanta to Houston.

In my opinion, the muslims are all getting very brave now, since they have 'one of their own in the white house'... read Tedd's story below. Semper Fi

PS: Can you imagine, our own news media now are so politically correct that they are afraid to report that these were all muslims... unbelievable. Thank God for people like Tedd Petruna.

A. Gene Hackemack

979-251-2310 cell & home

buttonbox01@gmail.com <http://us.mc356.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=buttonbox01@gmail.com>

8725 Hwy 290 W

Brenham TX 77833

One week ago, I went to Ohio on business and to see my father.. On Tuesday, November the 17th, I returned home. If you read the papers the 18th you may have seen a blurb where a AirTran flight was cancelled from Atlanta to Houston due to a man who refused to get off of his cell phone before takeoff. It was on Fox.

This was NOT what happened.

I was in 1st class coming home. 11 Muslim men got on the plane in full attire. 2 sat in 1st class and the rest peppered themselves throughout the plane all the way to the back. As the plane taxied to the runway the stewardesses gave the safety spiel we are all so familiar with. At that time, one of the men got on his cell and called one of his companions in the back and proceeded to talk on the phone in Arabic very loudly and very aggressively. This took the 1st stewardess out of the picture for she repeatedly told the man that cell phones were not permitted at the time. He ignored her as if she was not there.

The 2nd man who answered the phone did the same and this took out the 2nd stewardess. In the back of the plane at this time, 2 younger Muslims, one in the back, isle, and one in front of him, window, began to show footage of a porno they had taped the night before, and were very loud about it. Now - they are only permitted to do this prior to Jihad. If a Muslim man goes into a strip club, he has to view the woman via mirror with his back to her. (don't ask me..I don't make the rules, but I've studied) The 3rd stewardess informed them that they were not to have electronic devices on at this time. To which one of the men said "shut up infidel dog!" She went to take the camcorder and he began to scream in her face in Arabic. At that exact moment, all 11 of them got up and started to walk the cabin.

This is where I had had enough! I got up and started to the back where I heard a voice behind me from another Texan twice my size say "I got your back." I grabbed the man who had been on the phone by the arm and said "you WILL go sit down or you Will be thrown from this plane!" As I "led" him around me to take his seat, the fellow Texan grabbed him by the back of his neck and his waist and headed out with him. I then grabbed the 2nd man and said, "You WILL do the same!" He protested but adrenaline was flowing now and he was going to go..

As I escorted him forward the plane doors open and 3 TSA agents and 4 police officers entered. Me and my new Texan friend were told to cease and desist for they had this under control. I was happy to oblige actually. There was some commotion in the back, but within moments, all 11 were escorted off the plane. They then unloaded their luggage.

We talked about the occurrence and were in disbelief that it had happen, when suddenly, the door open again and on walked all 11!! Stone faced, eyes front and robotic (the only way I can describe it). The stewardess from the back had been in tears and when she saw this, she was having NONE of it! Being that I was up front, I heard and saw the whole ordeal. She told the TSA agent there was NO WAY she was staying on the plane with these men. The agent told her they had searched them and were going to go through their luggage with a fine tooth comb and that they were allowed to proceed to Houston. The captain and co-captain came out and told the agent "we and our crew will not fly this plane!" After a word or two, the entire crew, luggage in tow, left the plane. 5 minutes later, the cabin door opened again and a whole new cr ew walked on.

Again...this is where I had had enough!!! I got up and asked "What the hell is going on!?!?" I was told to take my seat. They were sorry for the delay and I would be home shortly. I said "I'm getting off this plane". The stewardess sternly told me that she could not allow me to get off. (now I'm mad!) I said "I am a grown man who bought this ticket, who's time is mine with a family at home and I am going through that door, or I'm going through that door with you under my arm!! But I am going through that door!!" And I heard a voice behind me say "so am I". Then everyone behind us started to get up and say the same.

Within 2 minutes, I was walking off that plane where I was met with more agents who asked me to write a statement. I had 5 hours to kill at this point so why the hell not. Due to the amount of people who got off that flight, it was cancelled. I was supposed to be in Houston at 6pm. I got here at 12:30am.

Look up the date. Flight 297 Atlanta to Houston.

If this wasn't a dry run, I don't know what one is. The terrorists wanted to see how TSA would handle it, how the crew would handle it, and how the passengers would handle it.

I'm telling this to you because I want you to know.

The threat is real. I saw it with my own eyes.

-Tedd Petruna

A. Gene Hackemack

979-251-2310 cell & home

buttonbox01@gmail.com <http://us.mc813.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=buttonbox01@gmail.com>

8725 Hwy 290 W

Brenham TX 77833

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The whole story is a big fat lie that went nuts on the right-wing blogsphere, but is gradually being whittled away by the less gullible among us. How many baloney chain emails do you have to see before you recognize the pattern?

Ted Petruna's story is full of holes. In fact, he never boarded that flight - he missed the flight because his connecting flight was late.

The other passengers say that there was one passenger who caused a problem by refusing to stop talking on his cell phone, so the plane temporarity returned to the gate. The guy was was speaking Spanish, not Arabic.

The crew did not leave the flight and a new crew did not come on.

Its all bull. Every bit of this story is bull. Ted Petruna made it up to impress his friends, and didn't expect that one of them would forward it around. Don't be a sucker.

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Wow! That is really scary. I didn't hear about this at all.

Because it didn't happen. The only person who has collaborated this story in any way tells a completely different story - and just happens to be a guy with a conservative radio show of his own.

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From 2004

Sound familiar?


It started as a routine flight from Detroit to LA. But what followed would plunge the US into another 9/11 panic

When one woman posted a website account of her fears on a flight with a group of Arab men, a spate of tales about lax security followed. Paul Harris reports

Paul Harris

The Observer, Sunday 25 July 2004 00.38 BST

larger | smaller

A simple, if frightening, account on an obscure American website of a plane flight has become something else in the paranoid world of post-9/11 air travel. Annie Jacobsen's tale of flying to Los Angeles with 14 'Middle Eastern-looking' men quickly generated a storm of controversy.

It prompted airline whistleblowers to come forward with lurid tales of lapses in security against terrorists. It threw a spotlight on rumours and warnings of terrorists carrying out 'dry runs' for future hijackings.

But it also revealed an unpleasant underbelly of fear and loathing among ordinary passengers terrified of seeing a dark-skinned male face board their plane. It showed a world in which passengers saw terrorists around every corner and an innocent band of Arab musicians going to play a gig were mistaken for suicidal jihadis intent on mayhem.

For Jacobsen, a writer for a finance and lifestyle website, the sight of six Middle Eastern-appearing men waiting for her Northwest Airlines Flight 327 from Detroit to Los Angeles was not an initial source of concern.

But when the men boarded, she noticed eight others were also getting on. It is then that Jacobsen's controversial account takes on the tone of a cheap airport thriller. Jacobsen noticed that, although seated in different places, all the men knew each other. 'We watched as, one by one, most of the Middle Eastern men made eye contact with each other. They con tinued to look at each other and nod, as if they were all in agreement about something,' she wrote.

Things soon went from bad to worse. Jacobsen described how the men began making frequent trips to the lavatory. One took a paper bag inside and then emerged without it. The men would congregate in groups. One man, in a dark suit and wearing sunglasses, was seated in first class in the seat closest to the ****pit door.

Jacobsen said she smiled at one of the men, whom she had exchanged pleasantries with while boarding. 'The man did not smile back. In fact, the cold, defiant look he gave me sent shivers down my spine,' she said.

Soon other passengers were scared too. The pilot was informed, flight attendants wrote notes to each other and Jacobsen's husband was assured by one of them that air marshals were monitoring the group.

Just as the plane was cleared to land, seven of the men jumped up to go to the lavatory at the same time. One female passenger began to cry as the men entered the toilet one by one. In Jacobsen's own words: 'The last man came out of the bathroom, and as he passed ... he ran his forefinger across his neck and mouthed the word "No".'

The plane then landed safely. As relieved passengers disembarked the 14 men were shuffled over to one side where they were taken away for questioning by airport authorities and the police. Jacobsen went to the FBI. They interviewed her at length. She later found out that the men had claimed to be musicians. That should have been that.

But Jacobsen's account went further. She mentioned reports she had read, including in The Observer, that detailed the threat from al-Qaeda operatives conducting 'dry runs' to assemble bombs by placing their components on planes separately.

'Do I think these men were musicians? I'll let you decide,' Jacobsen's story concluded. 'But I wonder, if 19 terrorists can learn to fly airplanes into buildings, couldn't 14 terrorists learn to play instruments?'

Jacobsen's account was an instant hit. her magazine website, Womenswallstreet.com, was soon getting 100 times its normal amount of hits. The story spread rapidly and pilots, air stewards and air marshals began contacting her.

They told of terrorist hit squads testing the airline's security system. 'The terrorists are probing us all the time,' said Gary Boettcher, a director at the Allied Pilots Association. An American Airlines pilot, Mark Bogosian, said terrorist dry runs were the 'dirty little secret' of the industry. Many painted a picture of a security system incapable of spotting potential terrorists. Details of other 'dry runs' emerged, including one on a flight to New York in February that prompted an FBI probe.

But there was one problem in Jacobsen's account. The 14 men claiming to be musicians were, in fact, exactly that. Nour Mehana, a well-known Syrian singer, had been travelling on the plane along with his entire backing band.

James Cullen of Athem Artists confirmed that Mehana and the band were on the same flight as Jacobsen. The band went on to play a gig on the outskirts of San Diego.

Mehana, who plays a mix of traditional and modern Arab music, is well known in the Middle East. It is likely that he was the man Jacobsen saw sitting in first class wearing sunglasses. Jacobsen says she does not recognise Mehana or any of the band members.

The whole incident has outraged many Arab and American civil rights groups. 'It is judging someone by their skin colour or their religion. It has become par for the course in the post-9/11 era,' said Ibrahim Hooper, a director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The furore comes at a time when the FBI has launched an operation to interview hundreds of Muslims and Arabs in America as part of an attempt to discover a possible terrorist attack. However, some civil rights groups say the move stigmatises all Muslims.

Critics have accused Jacobsen of creating a drama out of what turned out to be an uneventful flight in the company of a well-known Syrian band, some of whom go to the toilet a lot. Patrick Smith, a well-known columnist on aviation said her piece was 'spring-loaded with mindless hysterics and bigoted provocation' and accused her of paranoia.

'The notion that 14 saboteurs ... would boisterously proceed in and out of a plane lavatory, taking turns to construct a bomb, is so over-the-top ludicrous it deserves its own comedy sketch ... I half-expected her to tell me one of the men wore a cardboard sign labelled "terrorist",' Smith said.

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This is exagerrated as others have pointed out but don't fly Air Tran to cover all bases. :)

I'm going to the Mexican Riviera next month and those ****s canceled my flight with no explanation . Oh, I forgot to mention I was flying free with a voucher because they had screwed me over on another flight.

Boycott Air Tran.

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