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Decorate my Boss's Cake!


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Alright - so my boss's birthday is December 20th, and I really have no clue what she does outside of work, what she's interested in, etc (Besides family of course). A good friend of mine has just taken a cake decorating class and she makes some PHENOMENAL cakes. I mean you think a great bakery did it, but she just did it in her kitchen.

So she has agreed to make one for me to help suck up to my boss, but she doesnt know what to put on it because she doesnt know her at all, and i dont really know beacuase i'm not sure of her interests besides work, family, gym.

Anyway, she works with me in an accounting department of a business and I was thinking of going with the nerdy accounting route, or maybe a cake saying "Happy 35th" when its really her 40 something, or something to that effect? She doesnt really joke around as much as i do or other people do, so i dont know what else would be funny.

Would anyone have any ideas on this? possibly? maybe? Throwing it out there? Reviews by managers are due December 31st, this is a last ditch effort!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds like a lot of work for boss's birthday cake. We usually all just get a generic grocery cake that says Happy Birthday _____ . Then a signed card from everyone with a one line message. Some balloons. A small gift from a few bucks everyone pitched in. Soda and chips and call it a day.

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