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40 times of NFL players...


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I assume you are talking about 40 yard dash times. I have never seen any links to 40 times anywhere, as all teams guard this information.

But you can do what I do if you are a draftnik like I am. Every year I save in folders, 40 time results from the combine and draft trackers like below, which give 40 times in each players bio. Therefore I have a handle on -- for what its worth [not much] -- on each players 40 time. Keeping in mind that as players get older and older, their 40 times slip.

A problem though is that the superstars do not usually run their 40 yard dash at the combine, but wait to do it at private workouts. So you have to pick this information up on the internet and store or log it somewhere in your files.



A third thing you can do is buy scouting report books on college players, such as the one Pro Football Weekly publishes every year in April. These scouting books have the estimated 40 times on players elgible for the upcoming draft.

I hope this helps you. :)

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