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No new contract for Sapp yet.......

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Don't want him. We've had our fill of under-achieving D-tackles. We don't need one who is more expensive and a locker room cancer to boot.

The Bucs are probably not going to try to re-sign him. Even they recognize that, when healthy, Booger McFarland is a better player. Sapp was very good for a couple of seasons and has now just become a product of the media. They mention his name constantly because he provides great sound-bytes. Fact is, he is not one of the top d-lineman in the league.

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Originally posted by NavyDave

No thanks.

He'll sign a huge contract then he'll receive a Platinum Popeyes VIP card to go with his Mc'Donalds most valued customer award.

:laugh: Now you know we can just hand out the Platinum Popeyes VIP card to just any 'ol player. That's a deal breaker in my book !:rotflmao:

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