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Smoot Pic in need of caption

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Smoot: "Y'all take a gander at this here southern grown one eyed monster."

Girl 1:"Damn that's BIG!! <drool>"

Smoot: "They grows 'em that way down in Mississippi-- must be something in the water. It's 100% grade a certified man meat dahling"

Girl 2:"Can I write my name and number on it? <giggle>"

Smoot: "You could write the friiggin Declaration of Independence on it and have room left over for the book of Genesis."

Guy in the background wearing a Champ Bailey jersey: "You got a nice lookin' bee-hind Mr Smoot. Can I touch it?"

Coach Spurrier: ''Smoot you at it again?? Pull up your flucking drawers and get back on the field!!! How many times do I gotta tell ya-- this is a training camp not Club Med!''

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