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Canidate Might Not Be A Fumbler?

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Kind of a stretch to see Jacobs as getting more than 30 catches tops ... not impossible, but unlikely. That won't rise to MVP levels in this offense. We hope.

Ladell could well emerge as an MVP candidate, however, if he wins the starter job outright early enough. Patrick is going to have games where he shines, but he's also gonna have games where he struggles and needs the running game to bail him out. Ladell won't have to be GREAT to stand out on this team this year, just be a solid 1000 yard back.

Says here he can do that.

If he does, and Patrick has the likely up and down year that can realisitically be expected given his level of experience, a pleasant surprise like Betts could provide might just look impressive enough seen in context to earn him team honors.

That said ... I'd much rather see Patrick take the title. I think it would mean the season went better than expected. :)

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