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Monday Morning Quote Sheet

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Quote Sheet From Monday's Redskins Practice

Steve Spurrier | Laveranues Coles | Champ Bailey | Patrick Ramsey

Compiled by Gene Wang

washingtonpost.com Correspondent

Web Posted: Monday, July 28, 2003; 1:22 p.m. EST

Coach Steve Spurrier

Q: How did the first practice look?

A: We thought it was a pretty good practice. I think the most impressive part is the conditioning of our players. They've really done a super job in the offseason. The strength and conditioning coaches really worked them well, and the players have accepted it. So, I think we're in very good shape, and no one seemed to get to tired. We had a nice cloud cover today, so it wasn't extremely hot. Other than that, it was a typical first day of practice.

Q: How did Patrick Ramsey look?

A: He looked okay. He threw a lot of good ones, and he threw some he could throw better, but it was a good first day. You know all the guys are hustling trying to get things done. It was a good start.

Q: Do you feel more comfortable here than at another site for training camp?

A: I just think it makes sense to practice here. We've got three wonderful fields. The hotel over at the national conference center is excellent. Food, housing, dorms, all that, and we can use our weight room, our locker room. It just makes sense to be here.

Q: Do you have an indoor facility here in case it rains?

A: No we don't, but if it rains real hard, a lot of times we'll just go on the AstroTurf here.

Q: How does this team stack up after the first day this year as opposed to last year?

A: As I say, we've been practicing with the players that we certainly believe are going to play the entire season for us, so that should prove helpful. We're pretty set with most all the positions. Not all of them, but most all the positions. We think we're a better team, but we have to go play like it.

Q: Can you talk about having all your players signed and in camp on the first day?

A: It is nice. We're impressed with Doug Dockery and Taylor Jacobs. Our earlier picks got their contracts done, and they wanted to get it done, and that was important.

Q: What are your thoughts about Bruce Smith entering his 19th season?

A: Bruce has had an outstanding career. We all know that. He's in good shape. He seems to stay about the same weight year round. I think he works out in the offseason. He's got his own program, but he's in shape. He's ready to contribute, so we're glad to have Bruce here.

Q: What do you look for in a first practice?

A: Just a good start, make sure we know how to practice against one another. You just start coaching, start teaching, and try get the players to play their assignments as perfectly as possible. That's what we're trying to teach right now.

Q: What about the four players from the Jets playing for the Redskins now?

A: We don't really look at it that way anymore now. They're part of the team. They've been here the whole offseason. They're just part of our team now. We don't call them ex-Jets or ex-Bears or whoever we got. They're just all Redskins now. They're doing real well.

Q: Is there a big difference in this camp for you from a personal standpoint?

A: I don't know if there's a big difference. Obviously at this time last year we thought we had a real good team. It ended up wasn't as near as good as maybe we thought. So we've strengthened our team. We've added some guards, receivers, running back, a few defensive players here and there. So we think we've strengthened our team, but we'll only know when our season starts.

Laveranues Coles

Q: What are your thoughts about the first practice?

A: From top to bottom, we have a good bunch of guys. Coaches had a meeting about that earlier. But as a group we have to work on the little things to get better.

Q: Do you think you can develop a rapport with Patrick Ramsey during training camp?

A: Of course. We're going to take a lot of snaps together. He's going to get a feel for me as well as me for him. If we continue to work together day in and day out, it will come together.

Q: Having worked with young quarterbacks before, do you see tendencies about them?

A: I think it's just building a confidence level in them. Once they get a feel for you as a player and understand you are a pretty good player and have a lot of confidence in you, they'll develop in time and see the good qualities you have. We can just go from there.

Q: Are you excited to be back?

A: I'm always excited to be back. A lot of guys, we feel like we have something to prove coming off pretty much a losing season last year. I think a lot of guys want to come back and get on top again.

Champ Bailey

Q: What are your thoughts as camp begins?

A: We've got to get on the positive side. We can't be 7-9 this year. We've got to win 12, 13, 14 games. It's a tough leap, but I think we're going up that way.

Q: Do you miss Darrell Green not being out here?

A: Yeah I miss him. I hope he comes back one day and least visits us. I mean, I haven't seen him since he left.

Q: What was it like walking out there for the first time and Darrell wasn't out there?

A: It's funny. You don't really realized how much of an impact he had until he's gone. He's been a blessing for us. I just he comes back and gives us a little more wisdom. I hope he shows up every now and then.

Patrick Ramsey

Q: How did you feel about the first practice?

A: I think it's much like minicamp. A little rusty at first for myself. I kind of felt myself toward the end of practice coming along, doing a little better. Just keep going.

Q: What are your thoughts about knowing you are the starter this season?

A: It's not really a different mind-set. You just want to be the best you can be regardless of where you stand. You want to improve every day. I know that's my goal in camp, as well as the whole team's.

Q: Can you tell the differences in the offense?

A: You certainly can tell the difference. I could feel it from Day One in minicamp. I started thinking about it last night, about this season and just kind of reflecting about it. This team, and the management of this team, has shown no complacency. A lot of teams showed complacency. We went out and got what we think is going to make us successful. As a player, you can't ask for more than that.

Q: How much further along are you now than last year at training camp?

A: Personally, I feel like it's night and day. I understand our offense. I understand what we're trying to do. It's not so much thinking as it is reacting and playing the position. It's a lot easier for me. At times defenses to make plays and they throw you curve balls. They're going to win some and you're going to lose some. But I think I've put myself in a position to win more than last season.

Q: Happy to get your first practice out of the way?

A: Yeah, I think you get into a groove. I think after a couple days it will get even better. I think we'll be tired, but I'm sure in time it will be good and kind of get going.

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Champ Bailey

Q: What are your thoughts as camp begins?

A: We've got to get on the positive side. We can't be 7-9 this year. We've got to win 12, 13, 14 games. It's a tough leap, but I think we're going up that way.

Yeah baby! 14 wins sounds good to me too.

Gotta love a guy in a contract year.

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Originally posted by jbooma

did anyone noticed that they asked Coles if he was excited about being back, that was pretty funny, hehahah

Interesting answer to that question too. WE have something to prove coming off a losing year. Like he's been here all along. :cool:

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That is exactly what he is doing if you ask me Dexter's Better.

With my kids, we don't allow them to put their names on their helmets, we tell them, you better do something for me to remember your name. Its on your head to earn your playing time. Otherwise, your just going to be "hey you"

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