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First, my condolences to all on the board. I watched every snap last night and it just got uglier.

Second, can we all just admit that George is a) a poor decisionmaker B) a complete misfit for this "offense" and c) a loser? Despite Art's rumblings, George throws those bad picks all the time and he always has. He also takes horrendous sacks for huge losses and always has. Jimmy Raye didn't keep throwing 5 yd curls on 3rd and 10, that was George. I think Fouts was right. George has no idea how to read a defense and no patience to run through progressions.

Third, Jimmy Raye's playcalling was one of the mysteries of the universe.

Fourth, can we stop talking about the Bucs' offensive issues now?

Good news though boys. If you watched the Giants-Chiefs game on Sunday, you'll know that you've got a patsy coming to town. Tailor made to reverse fortunes. Unless Davis is allowed to run 25 times though, I'm not sure it'll make a difference.

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