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Hey guys, I was at the press conference today and I wanted to pass along a few thoughts from it.

First, the Coach seems very relaxed and not as openly confident as he was a year ago and that is obvious. I can see that he is very excited about his chances this year with the new talent on the team. The most interesting thing about the press conference to be honest was the backdrop that Mr. Snyder invented to display not just one of the sponsors, but many. It changes like every 2 min. That is one impressive machine and powerful marketing vehicle.

The other thing that stood out was the repetitive questions that were being asked. It seemed like Coach had to answer the same questions in different ways about 400 times. I think it is time we get invovled in this process. Let's come up with some of the best football oriented questions we can. Such as, talk to us about how you attack a 4-4 defense, or what kind of coverages do you feel you can make some big plays against. That kind of stuff is interesting. Talking about what he will do differently in 2003 really is kind boring because he answers it in nearly every question. Hopefully you guys will agree and we can start a new thread on The Coaches Corner board that I can take with me to camp and throughout the season to ask coach during his interviews. Give me your thoughts on this call to action.

I'm going to have Blade start the thread right now on our board.

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