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Training camp recaps.


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I made it to training camp this morning and I have a couple of observations. Some of them have been covered by other folks I’m sure, but I promised you guys if I went I would write everything I could about my thoughts on today’s practice. Keep in mind the source as well. I’m no expert. My playing experience ended with college ball and I have coached a little high school ball, nothing more. Here goes:


This one may shock some folks. I know it took me by surprise a bit. Our best running back may very well be Chad Morton. This guy has some amazing moves. In some of the partial squad drills he made some of the DBs and LBs look downright foolish. He was able to stop and start so quickly they couldn’t decide where he was going and by the time they decided what they were going to do he was gone.

Betts was dressed for practice but unless I missed something he didn’t participate in any of the contact drills.

Kenny Watson looked very good I thought. If I based my whole opinion on our running back situation from watching today’s practice I’d say that he was the number two guy pushing the number one guy. He looked much quicker in person that he does on TV. He caught the ball very well too.

Candidate looked decent but didn’t do anything that really stood out. I would seriously doubt if he was the fastest Redskin running back in pads.

McCullough was wearing # 22 and looked like he was running with some passion. I remember one nice inside run in the full squad drills that would have gone the distance. I hope this guy makes the team but I still think Watson and Morton are the better choices based on what I saw today. It’s a pity that Betts wasn’t doing any of the contact drills today.

It was amazing how close some of these backs were. Not in their talent level but more on the style of running they did. There is no Davis in this bunch for better or worse.


After the initial drills I’d say Ramsey/Johnson took about 90% of the full team practice snaps with the split between the two going about 60-40 Ramsey.

Ramsey looked good. He throws the deep ball with a lot of confidence and authority. His 60 yard hook up for a TD with Taylor Jacobs during the full squad drills was a thing of beauty. He was doing a great job of delivering the ball to the crossing receivers in stride. He did have a few balls that would have required stilts or a ten foot receiver to bring down though. As I recall most of those overthrows were on balls over the middle at about the 15-25 yard range. His work on the quick outs looked sharp.

Rob Johnson looked ok. He had good velocity but seemed to have a bit of trouble hitting receivers in stride. If they were running an out pattern he would consistently get the ball on the wrong shoulder of the receiver forcing them to stop or make a big adjustment to make the catch.

Danny got a few snaps in the partial squad drills and looked decent. He has better velocity on his throws than I thought but as we all know it’s not in the same neighborhood of Ramsey or Johnson.

Hamdan will not make this team. I know this is nothing close to a bold statement but saying this guy is raw is an understatement. He threw the ball with good velocity but his footwork was not very good at all. It was something that SS coached him on at one point. He did seem to have a good relationship with Ramsey though and the two joked and goofed around during down times.


Wilbert Brown worked as the #1 Center all practice. No problems with the exchange that I could see.

Samuels got beat on a speed rush to the outside once but I didn’t see who got the best of him, sorry. You can blame the kids who rushed into my field of view to tell their mom that they had just bought a Sprite from the vendor truck.

No sign of Tre’ :(


When the receivers broke away to do individual work this morning the Old Ball Coach went with them. He worked with several of them on the depth of their routes on the deep out. They also worked several drills that were, for lack of a better term, pick plays. These were all short out patterns to a slot receiver or TE.

One encouraging note about our receivers; they didn’t drop many passes that were catchable, at least none that I saw. If it was close they made the catch. I only had one time where I found myself thinking “He should have had that one”. That was a mid distance pass to Jacobs. He redeemed himself with the bomb catch though.

I found it very difficult to keep all of the wide receivers straight. Other than the big bomb to Taylor and a nice one handed catch by Coles there isn’t a whole lot to report. I don’t think there will be any big surprises on who makes the team.


They kept the defense on the far field for much of the day so I didn’t get much of a chance to check them out. Bruce did practice today and looked good. He was getting consistent pressure form the outside and reacted well to inside running plays as well.

Sorry I don’t have more to report here.

Kicking Game

We had an extra point blocked. The good part was I think it was our blocking team and a dummy kicking team. I didn’t see who got their hand on it but it ended up in Lavar’s hands. He had Armstead and Trotter as an honor guard as he trucked down the right side line before the coaches blew the whistle. That was a site. I can’t even be 100% sure who was doing the kicking. If memory serves it was #15. I have no idea who that was.

The punting drills were nothing to write home about however it did seem to my eye that Bartholomew was able to get a little more hang time than Barker did. Neither got off a 70 yarder or anything so I call this one a dead heat still.

Well, that’s about it. If anyone wants to shoot me a question I’ll try to answer it. All in all it was a decent practice and to top it all off I got a giant foam finger for my son.

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How did Zeron "Butter Fingers" Flemister do? He missed an easy one in a drill on Tuesday Afternoon.

Also, how was the intensity level? The Monday practice was awesome. the Tuesday afternoon pratice had few sequences where it was intense enough that they were tackling without Pads. On a 7 on 7 drill, Smoot and Jacobs came for a ball and hit it simultaneasly. The hit was as loud as anything I've heard with pads on. They ended up wrestling on the ground for it (not nearly as bad as the 3 on 1 fight with Morton on Monday though). Eventually they were broken up and Smoot came away with the ball. Jacobs was definitely the star on Tuesday afternoon - he made some awesome catches.

As for Chad, he's looked great all camp. He's by far the best runner for draw plays. Last week Trung looked excellent on sweeps - he easily outran the defense. I'm concerned about running between the tackles. Betts, I think will do the best here. His legs are huge compared to the rest of the RBs. I hope he gets healthy soon.

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I didn't take too much notce of "Stone Hands" but I did notice he wasn't running with the first team. A clear message there I guess.

The intensity level was high. As it's been written a couple of other places jobs are on the line at this point in training camp. The scrap at the end of practice was blown up a bit by the press as these things will happen when you're hitting the same guys over and over again for weeks at a time. Still, I'd rather see them scrap to protect each other than to not care. After the showing last weekend they should be motivated.

I didn't see Trung on any sweeps today but as I wrote Chad impressed the hell out of me today. We need to get him the ball on O as much as we can.

I agree with you about Betts. He dressed out today but wasn't hitting. I think he's our only option for the tought inside yards. All of the other guys are nasty quick but wouldn't be my first choice for any goalline work.

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Here is a report from a friend who attended Tuesday's practice

Thanks Ed for the report

Charles -

How are things. I understand you were interested in my report from

training camp. First, let me say that, pro football players are really

big! Where the hell do they grow these guys!?!

Anyway, here's what I saw:

Offense looks VERY fast. Ramsey looks like a second year QB - mostly

brilliant, but sometimes weeee! - where the heck was he trying to throw

that one? Rob Johnson looked very good, he'll be fine as a back-up.

Chad Morton is just crazy fast - he's gonna make plays this year. The

big disappointment so far is Trung Candidate. He was a non-factor in

the game against Carolina and did nothing in practice. Chad Morton was

making all the plays. The buzz is that Ladell Betts is gonna be the

regular guy, with Morton coming in as the third down back. We'll see,

could be fun.

The recieving corps looks terrific. Laverneous Coles is amazing, Rod

Gardner is going to tear it up in the slot. He reminds me of Monk -

catch the ball and then beat up the guy trying to tackle him as he

gains ten more yards. Early pre-season prediction - A journeyman wide

receiver guy named Cloman is not only gonna make the team, he's gonna

be a monster. He's bigger than Gardner, as fast, and catches

everything in sight. He beat Champ twice for big plays. That guy can


Zeron Flemister ain't making the team. He's the only guy on the team

getting coached on the fundamentals of catching a football during

receivers drills, and he never changes. He tries to catch a football

like he's grabbing a bird, and he drops too many. Robert Royals is

gonna pass him by. O-line is still developing, can't say much right

now except that Chris Samuals is a freakin' mountain.

D looks the same. Don't know what's going on with the line, but

everybody behind it is ready to go. Matt Bowen, the safety is

everywhere. People are gonna get hurt by that guy. Lavar is just

huge. He took his shirt off after practice and looked like a granite

statue. Smoot was making plays as well.

At the end of practice, they scrimmaged. I now see what they mean

about the game being too fast for rookies to adjust to. Is was

unbelievable. The plays happen so fast, and the choreography of action

that happens in such a short amount of time is unreal. I was really


Here's my take on the season based on what I saw. I think they've got

all their eggs in one basket on offense. If they can pass the ball,

they win a lot of games. if they can't pass the ball, there could be

trouble. I say this because they don't practice running plays. It's

all about passing the football. (Ok, they ran maybe three times) I

wonder how this will play out in the NFC East in December? This

concerns me because of all the new faces on O line and how long it will

take that unit to jell. If and when they come together, it could be

the greatest line since the hogs - really. It could be great, or a

house of cards. I think the defense is much better than the Carolina

game shows, but the line has got to hold up. Special teams practiced

for 5 minutes. I hope that's because Hall was still hurt.

There are still questions about this team. If they've got the answers,

this team could really be fun.

This is Ed reporting from Redskins Park...

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