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Training camp recaps.


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I've been posting my reports to another site (thehogs.net), but one thing I will add to todays report.

Blade said:

Smoot yelling, "Throw it! Let him throw that on me!"... Ramsey fired back from the side of the field, "You were nervous there Smoot!" to which he followed with "Smoot, nervous??" and promptly intercepted #14 DW's next pass

Smoot followed the nervous comment with saying "The only time I'm nervous is when my girlfriend gets pregnant!" The crowd was dying over this comment.

Trung looked far better than anyone else today. I thought Chad Morton was the best last week, but he didn't play today. Was also interesting that Sultan McClough was second in the RB rotation today.

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Morton may not have participated in much of the Run work today because he's more considered a third down back than workhorse. Sultan is getting more time because he's going to see alot of work this weekend with Betts out and Watson questionable.

Trung sounds like he's got a great chance of being something special, I'll be interested in seeing him in game situations.

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Compiled by Emily Badger

The Washington Post

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Wednesday's Schedule

When: One practice at 9 a.m.

Where: Redskins Park.

Admission, Parking: Free. Fans are asked to bring a Training Camp Fan Invitation, available at www.Redskins.com.

More Info: 703-726-7411

Player Profile: Rashidi Barnes

Position: Safety.

Who He Is: The 5-foot-11, 208-pound safety spent the spring playing in Frankfurt, Germany, with NFL Europe. He played well enough there to earn a big reception back home after sharing the league lead with four interceptions and recording 45 tackles (38 solo). The moment he got back, six teams came calling, including Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Denver. But just three days after returning to the States, he settled on Washington for the most obvious reasons: "I felt it was the best fit for me, defensive-wise, and I thought it was my best chance to make the team." The Redskins are his second NFL home; he was drafted out of Colorado in 2000 by the Cleveland Browns, where he played two years before being cut.

Claim to Fame: Barnes was the league's defensive MVP with the Frankfurt Galaxy. But he doesn't get too excited about it. "I take the good with the bad," he said. "Football is just a stepping stone to get where I want to get in life -- to be financially stable and be a role model in the community."

If He Doesn't Make It: "I really don't think about that," he said.

Chances of Making the Roster: He might want to start thinking about that soon.

Quote of the Day

"I don't think he's going to come hit me, but I have to watch where he is so that he doesn't hit my receivers."

-- Patrick Ramsey on whether or not he has to keep his eye on No. 41, Matt Bowen, at all times. Bowen knocked down Laveranues Coles in the morning session.

Ramsey Watch

Quarterback Patrick Ramsey said he finally feels like this team belongs to him (as opposed to him, Rob Johnson and Danny Wuerffel all at the same time). He had a strong morning practice, connecting on several long post routes with wide receivers Rod Gardner and Patrick Johnson.

"I'm getting a feel for where everybody's going to be and I don't have to stand down so much," Ramsey said. "Everything is flowing more smoothly."

The only problem now is that Ramsey is getting tired of standing down his own defense at camp.

"We know each other too well," he said. "It's just time to go against someone else."

Who's Hot, Who's Not

Place kicker John Hall made 6 of 7 field goals, the last two coming from about 37 yards out. His only miss was a kick from the 20-yard line that was blocked and bounced off the left goal post. . . . Safety Matt Bowen crashed into Laveranues Coles's head during the morning session, earning him the day's dubious knockout award. Coles escaped serious injury, and also got up with the ball. Coles later caught another pass despite tight coverage from cornerback Fred Smoot. On the next pass from backup QB Rob Johnson, Smoot grabbed an interception.

Injury Report

RB Ladell Betts (sprained elbow), DL Nic Clemons (hip flexor strain), WR Taylor Jacobs (groin), G Tre Johnson (Achilles' tendon), OL Rod Jones (left ankle, turf toe), WR Darnerien McCants (hamstring), RB Chad Morton (shoulder sprain), WR Cliff Russell (knee), OL Randy Thomas (knee inflammation), DE Regan Upshaw (knee), WR Kenny Watson (knee sprain), WR Patrick Wood**** (knee sprain).

Ranking the RBs

1. Trung Canidate isn't feeling any pressure and probably won't until Ladell Betts gets back in it.

2. Kenny Watson was back in pads yesterday morning after a sprained knee limited his action the past few days. Simply by being back on the field, he moves up the list.

3. Chad Morton didn't participate in contact drills because of a shoulder sprain and is expected to be back today. He outranks Betts, though, for participating in the lighter workouts.

4. Ladell Betts remains sidelined with a sprained elbow.

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Training Camp Report, August 5 Afternoon Practice


The Redskins cut short practice by about 40 minutes this afternoon, giving players a short respite amid the grueling two-a-days. The team is also beginning to prepare for its first pre-season game against the Carolina Panthers this Saturday, Aug. 9 at 8 p.m.

Head coach Steve Spurrier said coaches will look at game tape of Carolina on Wednesday and put together a basic game plan. Quarterback Patrick Ramsey will start, but both Rob Johnson and Danny Wuerffel are expected to see plenty of action.

Spurier added that the team hasn’t been as sharp as he would like thus far during training camp, but emphasized he wants players peaking for the first regular-season game, not the first pre-season game.

“We’re going to focus on improving our team, trying to learn our assignments, going full speed, those kind of things,” Spurrier said.

Several players, including veterans, are eager to see the team come together in game conditions.

Said right tackle Jon Jansen, commenting on the potential of the offensive line: “I think the sky’s the limit for us, but we’ll see where we are as a unit on Saturday night.”

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from Tuesday afternoon’s practice:

Player: Having joined the Redskins last November, first-year wide receiver Richmond Flowers has an advantage over rookies in that he is more familiar with Spurrier’s passing schemes. The experience shows. Flowers is running crisp routes and seems to be a favorite target of all the quarterbacks. This afternoon, he caught two passes from Ramsey during a two-minute offense drill, one on a curl pattern and the other on a slant. On the next series, with Rob Johnson quarterbacking, he caught another pass to keep the drive alive.

Play: Also during the hurry-up offense drill, Ramsey finished off an efficient drive with a perfectly thrown 25-yard pass to Rod Gardner, who was running a post pattern. The touchdown throw drew raves from players and fans alike.

Quote: “We can take away something from the Carolina game. We can watch their team and watch their coordinator. We’re going to see that team later down the road, and I’m going to study them closely come Saturday.” – cornerback Fred Smoot, discussing this Saturday’s pre-season game against the Carolina Panthers; the Redskins will play Carolina again in Week 11 of the regular season.

Atmosphere: At the end of practice, fans lined up alongside a fence and chanted “LaVar,” hoping the Pro Bowl linebacker would cross the field for an autograph. Arrington obliged. Later, Smoot joined him, encouraging fans to yell “Smooooooot” to drown out the “LaVar” chants.

Notes: Many players followed this afternoon's practice with a brief, supervised session in the weight room…On Wednesday, the Redskins will hold a 9 a.m. practice only. Be sure to check back to Redskins.com for more training camp updates.

-- Compiled by Gary Fitzgerald

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Training Camp Report, August 6


The Redskins held an up-tempo practice this morning, with players spending plenty of time with their position coaches before a full-squad scrimmage. The team will not hold an afternoon practice today. Head coach Steve Spurrier has given players the rest of the day off before resuming two-a-days tomorrow.

During today’s scrimmages, offensive coordinator Hue Jackson and defensive coordinator George Edwards seemed to be going at it almost as hard as the players.

When Trung Canidate broke through the line of scrimmage on one running play, Jackson shouted out, “Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s the way!”

Edwards was more concerned with the defense: “You’ve got to make that play!” he yelled.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from Wednesday’s morning practice.

Player: Cliff Russell showed signs that he's fully healed from last year’s season-ending knee injury. During the scrimmage, Russell caught two passes. On the second, Russell ran past defensive backs Ricot Joseph and Larry Austin on a sideline route and hauled in a 65-yard touchdown pass.

Play: Cornerback Champ Bailey and wide receiver Laveranues Coles are developing quite a rivalry as they frequently line up against each other in practice. On the first play of the scrimmage, Bailey leaned in front of Coles to intercept a slant pass; Coles still got a hand in, and the two fell to the turf grasping a piece of the ball. Bailey won the battle, though, pulling the ball out of Coles’ hands to the cheer of his teammates.

Quote: “Laveranues Coles has a great work ethic and it’s rubbing off on everybody. It’s infectious. You’ve got guys who are great players working hard everyday, and then you have young guys who see that work ethic and they raise their standard.” – Offensive coordinator Hue Jackson

Atmosphere: With the temperatures heating up as the morning wore on, players were glad to know they have the afternoon off. Several players, including Chris Samuels, Matt Bowen and Del Cowsette, spent more time than usual signing autographs for fans.

Notes: Bowen is clearly relishing his new reputation as a hard-hitting safety. During the scrimmage, Canidate broke into open space, jogging about 20 yards downfield. While the rest of the Redskins began to huddle up for the next play, Bowen suddenly raced after Canidate at full speed, only letting up when he was about three yards away. Fans laughed, knowing the good-natured rivalry that has developed between the two during training camp.

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That Bowens, he's quite the character isn't he? And Russell, if this guy gives us something this year than we can be downright dangerous on Offense with Trung in the backfield and Gardner/Coles/Jacobs/ and Russell running wild in the secondary.

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Another picture of our "QB of the future" looking more than silly.

Oh well, image won't come up but it was a picture of Ramsey with his helmet on backwards looking ridiculous.

You'll have to trust me cuz I can't get it to post.


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I just got back from this mornings practice. I am working on 3 hours of sleep so please forgive me in advance.

That said now to some of the stuff that slides off the top off my cranium:

It was raining slightly at the outset. Hazy and a bit sticky. When you enter the business park in Ashburn during rush hour its a singular sense of relief. The Redskins organization has done much to make parking and watching the practice easy.

Everywhere were the white shirt with maroon shot clad "helpers".

Help you park help you stay off the grass, help you keep behind the yellow line ...

We arrived a few minutes after 9. The team had just concluded its calisthenics and stretches. Of course my friend Pat's Daughter was dissapointed! She is now a Bowen groupie. The team broke up into Offensive and defensive teams and further for drills (ie. Wr ,QB's and RBs, lineman(Offense and defensive separately), Backs and linebackers,respectively.

At first its difficult to identify the individual players. Some wear their jerseys rolled up in fron (ala' LaVar) or just fouled up with stuff and clothes (Rod Jones). As we walked out to the FAR field from the gate looking out on the fields. There is the astro turf nearest where the punters worked almost exclusively (Bartholemew clearly better) and beyond that were the grass fields. That is where we were headed as all the "action" was taking place.

Our first glimpse of something interesting was Pat Wood**** working on starting and stopping from the line. He clearlyt was in some discomfort very early on. He dresses only in jersey and shorts wearing a knee brace(which seemed to be bothering him quite a bit). Later we saw wood**** on the sidelines, idle witha pack of ice ont he injured knee.

Then on our trip to the far side we saw Ladell Betts also in shirt and shorts just running around doing some sprints and light agaility drills(later he just ran a few sprints along the field from sideline to sideline...that was about it from him). His elbow did not seem to hamper him in the least bit... :)

The diverse crowd had gathered on the far sideline of the far grass field to settle in. It was very busy and fols were three and four people deep. Some of the more intrepid perched themselves atop the large round cylinders used to secure and store the tarps for the field (I was one of them!!) this offered the best view of all the action.

I made sure to identify as many players I could before any ssrious drills or scrimmaging (which was limited in this practice). Just at first glance some players really were worth mentioning with regards to their sheer physicality.The first to catch my eye was in fact Patrick Johnson, he has a compact sculpted physique that made you think he could do anything he pleased. Cliff Russell by contrast was skinny and slight. Rock Cartwright is very short but WIIIDE ( I have to say though he did not catch my eye later in practice at all seemed to disappear-which is hard to believe)

I also remember the speculation here about Greg Scott's "new" physique. Let me tell you he has gained a ton and almost all of it in his ASS! He still is adjusting to it as evidenced by him losing his feet often in individual pass-rushing drills. Stiil he has not lost the quickness that may help us on the field.

I was impressed by one Mike Cecere, he is short for a Dl but has a very impressive and compact build. He performed well in drill and seemed to be always around the ball. It will be interesting to watch him in the game.

Our new OL Dockery is massive. Huge arms hanging like sides of beef. Big butt, towering...but, he has the teeniest claves and his knees seem to "knock" together. I was thinking this was maybe why he looked like he was having trouble with his footwork(the DL took turns tryin to dominate him in the pass rushing drill-to me this is a god sign that they feel necessary to make a statement to him...The coaches had Dockery in many many playes . He played Left gaurd and right gaurd mostly.

The team ran through its workout practising responsibilites in situations. The offense just ran play after play, it seemed that they were trying to develop some sort of rythmn.

At this point I pad attention to our Backs and receivers as they played without any defensive guys to hamper them. Patrick Ramsey was inconsistent at best. This may have been due to the fact that they rotated the RB's and WR's en masse, but left the QB in there for a set series of plays. Patrick definitely has a repore with laverneous Coles (he looks to him when things get "hot" in the pocket) I personally liked Ramsey's professionalism. By this I mean that he never got down on himself and approached each snap the same and started the next no matter the outcome of the play before.

Danyy Wuerrful by contrast started looking sharp. He knew exactly where to throw the ball and hit the target easily. But, then came one bad throw, and he just melted down and could do nothing right at all. It was so bad the fans we heckling him from the sideline...and I don't mean jus a few! He really struggled.

RJ on the field look more consisten than I would have guessed. He REALLY has a strong arm. But in his case in does him a disservice because he has a tendency to overestimate his ability to squeeze it in there. But he could hit those deep outs nicely.(DW forget it, in the dirt!) OFF the field on the sideline he sure does look like he is being pretty. The hair just so, ballcap just so..maybe just my impression.. but our joke was "hey where's RJ?"

"oh over there posing for "tiger beat " magazine".

At this point int he practise they did the punt fromt he endzone thing (yawn).

then some first "O" against second and third "D" (and vice versa-they took turns)

random thoughts from the "scrimmage" portion:

1. LaVar is going to have a signifigantly greater impact thatn last year. I saw him line up all over the place and just wreak havoc. He blitzed much of the time( with a DE dropping into coverge), and alomst always got the sack. But most importantly it confused the offensive lineman in their blocking scheme, making them hesistate....ouch

2. RJ and DW BOTH telegraph their throws pre-snap. only RJ could get the ball there anyway.

3.our starting O line was Jansen, Thomas, Moore, Fiore,Samuels.

4. Dline-Wynn, noble,Haley,Upshaw.

5. Trotter got a huge hit on Sultan I think just plowed him over (drew the oohs and ahhs fromt he crowd as well) other than that there was very little hitting on the whole.

6. Smoot,champ, Bauman played very well intercepting passes ans playing very tight man coverage for the most part ..

7. Peppi Zellner plays too high and does not get "into" his oppenent enough to shed him to make any plays, but he works...

8. Lastly Bruce had the prettiest uniform out there. is was clean. I have to say we all laughed when he sauntered over to the water jug and partaked...must be hard to stand around with your legs crossed like that all day..:)

thats it.. I hope I did it justice......

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welcome, Thanx for the positive feedback.

I remembered one thing of interest:

at first glance I mistook Chad Morton for Trung Candidate because I saw SO MUCH of him. He looked to be the "featured " back today. It was not until I saw #20 catching punts when the lightbulb went on....

I really think this guy will have a serious impact.

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i went to the afternoon practice and it was great. no hitting but still great. bowen and jacobs impressed me, and ramsey made some mistakes, but he also made throws that simply wowed me. our speed is exciting, and our WR corpse is deep and dangerous. but one thing that did concern me was inside the five yard line, we ran sweeps, draws, and crossing routes, but none of it looked effective. in the past we would give it to our back and ram it in from five yards out, but now it doesn't look like we have that luxury. i hope i'm wrong.

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Thanks earl.

That is a little concerning about the inside the five-yard-line-thing. Hopefully, Betts will provide the between the tackles power running game we need. I think he'll prove just as capable as Davis as a power runner if SS gives him the chance and is smart enough to use him in those situations.

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