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Training camp recaps.


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Its hard to give a meaningful evaluation of either line, because so often they are swapping in 3rd stringers and shuffling around guys to different positions on both sides of the ball. If I had to make any statement about the lines from my observations, I would say that there have been several instances where they got excellent pressure on the QB... but that is with the caveat that it could easily have been against a 3rd string OLman.

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Aug 2 (afternoon) I just got back in from vacation with a stop

at camp yesterday. I arrived during the special teams practice.

Like previously mentioned, it was a large crowd. From what little I could see several guys were muffing punts.

Did get to take my son through the lines to get some autographs.

We went to table 16 and got Spurrier, Andre Lott, Dockery, Kenny Watson, and Regan Upshaw. All the guys very friendly. No wait at the table with the Rock (sorry Blondie). We didn't get chance to hit any other tables. The wife and kids where hungry. One of the vendors told me that they were surprised by the large turnout.

My wife (non-football fan) was surprised by how large of

a crowd it was. She thought we might be only ones there. Did get her to wear an Extremeskins shirt. We both wore the black shirts to support the site.

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Aug 03

I arrived at training camp around 4:30 today. I walked over to the far fields to watch Ramsey do drills with the offense. Jacobs is one quick player! He really impressed me. Gardner made a good sideline grab. The guy who struck me most was number 19, Scott Cloman. Man that guy is huge! He had a few grabs in the scrimmage if I remember correctly. Ramsey looked good in what I saw from him, but he kept throwing short little passes to the wideouts. Coles made a great grab in a crowd of defensive players, Champ tipped the ball and Coles grabbed it and hauled ass out of the crowd surrounding him. As for Rob Johnson, man that guy pissed me off. He waited way too damn long in the pocket to try and string one through the defense. LaVar intercepted him and rightfully so. But the most impressive player I noticed out there was Chad Morton. HOLY ****! The other guys aren't lying about how quick this guy is, his moves are unbelievable!! I can't wait to see this guy return our kicks all year! Truly a delight to watch that guy play. Sorry my analysis isn't that in-depth lol, it was my first time there and I was sorta in awe of everything about it. Had a really good time..I plan on going up later this week, so my recap from that should be a tad bit better. Oh yeah..Chris Samuels is a monster!

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Training Camp Report, August 3


The Redskins held an afternoon practice today after taking Sunday morning off. It began somewhat subdued, as players worked with their position coaches. Later, the special teams unit practiced on-sides kicking.

The session was more spirited during a brief scrimmage. Several players stood out, including fullback Rock Cartwright, who caught a swing pass in the flat and rumbled 45 yards, and safety Ifeanyi Ohalete, who registered an interception. Safety Matt Bowen and running back Trung Canidate had a brief shoving match after the two were tangled at the line of scrimmage.

The defense also practiced its assortment of blitz packages, with defensive end Ladairis Jackson and linebacker Kevin Mitchell among those getting solid pressure on the quarterback.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from Sunday afternoon’s practice:

Play: Cornerback Alex Molden nearly hauled in an interception over the outstretched arms of rookie wide receiver Scott Cloman, but the ball slipped through his fingers. So the eight-year veteran penalized himself with 10 push-ups—to the applause of the fans in attendance.

Player: Linebacker LaVar Arrington showed why he’s a Pro Bowler when he stepped in front of a pass in the flat and waltzed into the end zone for a touchdown. Later, Arrington was preparing to come on a blitz when he momentarily jumped offside, scooted back just as the ball was snapped, and still managed to get pressure on quarterback Rob Johnson.

Quote: “It’s football, baby. When you’re coming in on a blitz, I’ve got to protect the quarterback. That’s all it is. Everything’s cool with Matt and me, and he knows that.” -- running back Trung Canidate, commenting on his shoving match with safety Matt Bowen

Atmosphere: After a busy and eventful Fan Appreciation Day on Saturday, this afternoon’s practice seemed much more relaxed, allowing players to focus on the details of their jobs. Fans lined up alongside several practice fields to watch the team practice.

Notes: The Redskins will hold two-a-day sessions on Monday and Tuesday of this week, with practices starting at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. On Wednesday, the team will hold a morning practice only...The Redskins' first pre-season game is slated for next Saturday, Aug. 9, against the Carolina Panthers at Ericsson Stadium. Game time is 8 p.m.

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Is it me, or is Redskins.com really awful this year when it comes to taking pictures. It's obvious they're using a tiny little piece of crap digital camera b/c everything is so far away. You'd think that with a decent budget, they could afford a longer lens for some better shots than people just sitting around and signing autographs!!!

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Yes, it's quite amusing that every single extremeskins "agent" has brought back pictures that are not only of better quality, but are better choices of subject, and are better compositions, photographically speaking. Oh, redskins.com..... at least they try a little. I like reading dockery's diary, even though there isnt too much juice in it.

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I took my boys and their friend to the afternoon practice on Fan Appreciation Day. They loved it all. They dragged me through the lines several times for autographs. They really wanted Champ's and Lavar's autographs but the lines were just too long.

Ifeanyi Ohalete and Regan Upshaw were definitely the most friendly to the kids. Regan went the extra mile to joke around with and be nice to them. Although they didn't know who he was before Saturday, he is now up their with Lavar and Champ as their favorite Redskins. He definitely gets it.

He is certainly one of mine now.

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Originally posted by MAP16

Is it me, or is Redskins.com really awful this year when it comes to taking pictures. It's obvious they're using a tiny little piece of crap digital camera b/c everything is so far away. You'd think that with a decent budget, they could afford a longer lens for some better shots than people just sitting around and signing autographs!!!

Map, think we've discussed before and decided Redskins.com just plain sucks....from the homer commentaries (not that I'm not a homer, but I don't need it sugar-coated and dipped in chocolate goodness every day of my life) to the lack of history/databases...its just an amatuer site. Hard to believe a marketing genius like Snyder can't get some folks on it with a little more creativity and motivation. I hardly go there anymore because its mostly drivel.

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Originally posted by tommy-the-greek

Here are some pics from Today's morning practice.

Here is Jan Jansen. Before practice started Jansen walked the ropes on his way to the field. He signed for everyone and really made an impression on me. He was the only one who did so.


Is that you in the white Champ Bailey jersey in that picture? If so, you and I are twins seperated at birth. Whoever that guy is, he looks just like me. My wife was getting pissed at me because she thought I went out and bought a Champ jersey without her knowing. :laugh:

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Pics of Camp: 8/5/03 9am

Report to follow...

Camp pic 8/5/03 9am `1||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am `2||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am `3||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am `4||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am `5||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am `6||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am `7||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am `8

8/5 Tuesday 9am

This is the first morning practice Ive been able to attend, and they laid things out a bit differently than the two previous afternoon practices I've watched.

I arrived about 9:20 and they had already broken up into position drills. The first few pics up through the close up of Smoot and Bailey are of the DBs practicing a 'wrap' drill where the DBs run at another DB who has the ball and practice getting a good arm wrap around them without bringing the DB to the ground. Nice to see them practicing tackling technique.

Just up the field, the DL is working on blocking drills. On the adjacent field, the offensive line is doing the same thing in the endzone. Next to them, #12 Gibran Hamden is doing handoff drills with the RBs and FBs, and Hue Jackson is coaching them closely... On the opposite end of the field, the other QBs are working on routes with individual WRs in at the 5 yd line. Mostly post and corner routes. Even though #14 Danny W. is getting all of his throws completed, he still looks rusty and his accuracy seems a bit off compared to Ramsey and Johnson, with many of his throws a bit behind or forcing the WRs to change-up a bit... It should be noted that WRs #82 Cliff Russell, #85 McCants & #86 Taylor Jacobs all were dressed but sat out of todays practice. I am not sure of the reasons yet.

11 on 11

As the O and D came together for the first 11 on 11 scrimmage, you could see #77 Randy Thomas and #76 Jon Jansen smacking each other on the shoulder pads and clowning around. The comraderie among the OL-men that we have heard about is evident. This round of 11 on 11 focused exclusively on the run game and on hard counts. The first play, Ramsey fakes the whole DL out and many of them jump offsides on his hardcount... several more hard-counts during this drill pull the DL offsides as well....

The first two hand-offs are to #30 Trung and #39 Sultan McCullough who are both STUFFED at the LOS. Next there is a TB pitchout to #30 that breaks around the corner on Bruce and he would have gained 10-15 yards on it. NICE speed on the corner by Trung! #38 Robert Gillespie followed that play with a nice burst off tackle for about 7 yards. #30 Trung Canidate had two more runs that would have been huge gains if not TDs in a real game. The first, was between the tackle and guard the just blew by the LBs, the next was around the corner on the opposite side that easily could have been a TD. Trung Canidate was easily the star of this drill.

FG & ST Practice

Next the team went to practicing FGs... the only thing of note from this drill was that Hall hit the top of the left post on a 30 yarder that bounced no good. Brought back nightmares of Brett Conway.

After this, the special teams practiced blocking and hitting techniques on the first line of blockers in front of the KR. The pic of this is the last one posted.

7 on 0 (Pattern drills, offense only)

For the first time since Ive been attending practice and reading about it, #80 L. Coles dropped a ball from Ramsey that hit him square in the hands on a crossing route. Other than #87 Gardner and #80 Coles, the WRs getting the most looks in this drill were #84 Johnson, #83 Flowers, #15 Sean Dillard, and #19 Scott Cloman. Once again, #14 Danny W. showed his accuracy to be a bit rusty and was hitting the WR a bit behind them. Ramsey and RJ both had a couple of overthrows on deep posts.

7 on 7

We got a scare on the first play when #80 slides to the turf to catch a low 5yd pass, and #41 Bowen tried to hurdle over him but nails him in the head with his shin... Bowen sits on the turf rubbing his leg for a moment, then bounces up... but Coles stays down for about 2 minutes as the trainers tend to him. It was apparently not serious because Coles was back in running patterns a few plays later. Once again, the bulk of the WRs taking the reps were the guys listed above.

The first team DBs were doing an excellent job against the the WRs, and Champ should have had a pick, but it fell out of his hands on the far sideline. #36 Wade Davis had a nice defense of a pass thrown to #13 James Johnson by Patrick Ramsey. Several throws by #17 RJ were very wobbly and were overthrows to well-covered WRs. While most of the other passes were underneath to RBs or WRs running 5 yd routes, there one exciting throw from Ramsey to Gardner. He hit him on a deep post that made #31 Terrell look bad. He was 2-3 steps behind Rod.

11 on 11

On the first play of the 11 v 11 drills, Smoot comes from a corner blitz and would have NAILED Ramsey, but Smoot pulls up, and Ramsey sidesteps to throw a nice completion to #84 on a 7yd crossing pattern. Next #11 PR hits #40 Rock for a nice gain for 7 yds underneath. #17 shows some nice mobility in the pocket by dodging a sack and completed underneath to #32 Kenny Watson. THe next play, he seemed to hold the ball a bit too long again, and would have had his head taken off by #52 on a LB blitz if this was full-contact. One entertaining exchange came when #14 was QBing, and threw a short completion to the far side of the field. During the play, Smoot and Coles were on each other on our sideline and we were treated to Smoot yelling, "Throw it! Let him throw that on me!"... Ramsey fired back from the side of the field, "You were nervous there Smoot!" to which he followed with "Smoot, nervous??" and promptly intercepted #14 DW's next pass :)

Other plays of note in this drill were a sharp completion from #17 RJ to #84 PJ on a 40 yd deep post, and a mis-direction pitchout underneath where the O-line shifts right, and the TB swings out left and takes the short pass around the corner. #30 Canidate ran it perfectly. After a few more plays and flubber-passes by #17 RJ, the horn sounded the end of practice until this afternoon.

Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||Camp pic 8/5/03 9am||

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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

August 5th- AM practice

Probably the most boring practice I have seen. This is why players go nuts during two a days- because of practices like this.

The team started off with basic position drills then moved on to practicing running plays and run defense. I will say this that Trung Candidate looked good, was running the ball hard and showed real good speed.

In 7 on 7's Ramsey looked ok. He had a nice TD pass to Rod Gardner down field.

The team also worked on field goal kicking for a while as well as some kickoff coverage.

Other then that I got nothing. Half way through practice the players had to take off their pads (I didn't think it was that hot but I wasn't in full pads either) so the rest of practice there was no hitting. Real hard to get a grasp on guys in that situation.

I will have some pictures up later though. Mabey next time I'll call the Old Ball Coach and ask him if he will be doing anything interesting at practice. Just one of those snoozers this morning.

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Blade, love the report, and the string of "you are there" pics. Given the up close perspective of many of those shots, it looks like the field access is remarkable. Not anything like Carlise, at least not in my experience.

Can't wait to get out there. Meanwhile ... thanks for the fix. :)

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