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Good training camp scoops, guys! This is my first time posting on this forum, and I have one question I cannot seem to find an answer to anywhere else. Does anyone have any information on why the Skins let Sulfsted go earlier this week? Are we really choosing Rod Jones over Sulfsted here, or is there more to it under the surface?

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Originally posted by gridironmike

Sorry, but I didn't read all of the previous posts. I got to go to camp Wednesday morning and witness Bowen's hit on Canidate. It was an oohh hit. Anyhow, my highlight was when the players were going off the field and signing autos. Lavar was at the corner of the rope (those of you that have been there know where the corner is). Lavar was signing a LOT of stuff and doing quips for WUSA 9. He worked his way up toward the complex a little (still signing) and then turned to leave . He was on the paved portion to the complex when the fans really gave him a light-hearted razzing about going. He stood there and played to the crowd (ala Hulk Hogan) cupping his hand to his ear as if to say I'll go to whomever is louder. Chants of "LA" on one side and "Lavar" to the other filled the air. With a big 'ol grin he started zig zagging (still teasing) back toward the crowd. Me and my seven year old were directly across from him the whole time (both wearing our #56 retros!). He came directly to my son and signed a mini helmet for him. I had made my son get some other sigs on it because I was afraid Lavar would get tired and leave. While he signed the helmet, my boy told him if there wasn't enough room, he could sign his jersey instead. Lavar said, "How bout I sign both of them?" My son poked his chest out and Lavar signed the jersey too. Needless to say, he made both of our days. I never had an opportunity like that when I was young, and now my son has met his favorite player twice (last year during fan appreciation day and Wed.). Lavar didn't disappoint which is priceless in the eyes of a child (and impressive to me).

Thats a great story about Lavar. He seems to be a class guy. Im sure your boy wont wear that again huh?:)

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Well guys and gals, just got back from the Friday morning session with my little angels, and wanted to give y'all a recap. Oh yeah, great to meet ya Blitz, hope the pic of me and my gals turns out sweet. Thanks.

Overall impression: Bad day for the offense, good day for the defense.

Ramsey had a shakey day. He threw into coverage, got chased out of the pocket, and simply missed on throws throughout the session. Johnson, although he got far fewer snaps, had a decidedly better day than Ramsey...though neither looked REAL sharp. Johnson looked far better during 2-minute drills, where Ramsey once had trouble getting a handoff to Watson resulting in a lost fumble.

Defense dominated both sessions of 11 on 11. They ran 2 minute drills, 11 on 11, about halfway through, and the offense had trouble moving the ball. In the 11 on 11 scrimmage to end the session (last 1/2 hour) the defense picked 4 passes, returning 3 for TDs (Smoot, Terrell, and Champ). Linebackers were active, knocking down a few passes, and Trotter actually opened the scrimmage by busting up an intended screen pass to Canidate, and delivering a bit of a blow at the same time. Trotter also was in on stuffing a couple running plays, he had a solid session.

While the passing attack lacked some today, the running game did get a few plays off that broke for yardage, and one toss sweep right to Trung who got bottled up, switched field and srinted left where Smoot and Bowen were roaming, but it would have been interesting to see if they could've made the play in real time. Canidate has quite a burst, and tremendous straight-line speed. Morton, while not as fast, straight-line, as Canidate, has super quick feet a busted a delay through the line on 3rd down soooo quickly, I think he takes it to the house.

Bernard Jackson was running with the starting D-line at LDT and showed some push in the middle to go with Noble's disruption of blocking on a couple running plays. Ladarias had an up and down day, as he showed, far and away, the best burst off the line, and put pressure on repeatedly, but he also jumped offsides twice. The rest of the D-line was solid if unspectacular. Getting a decent push plenty of times on pass plays, and stuffing well more than half of the runs near the line of scrimmage.

Linebackers looked good even w/o Lavar suited up. Trotter and Pierce were very active (Pierce actually ripping the helmet off Patrick Downey, bringing most of the team together in a push session during 2 minute drill.) Impressive this session was the rookie FA from Syracuse, Clifton Smith. Showed some flash, and broke up a couple passes.

The Dbacks dominated the day. Both Ramsey and Johnson often had trouble finding an open receiver, and were forced to scramble. Every member of the DB squad looked good this am, and I believe Bowen is the real deal. He had an opportunity to lay out on of the young receivers, and grabbed him as he bumped the shoulder. In a game, he takes the OUT with that hit.

On offense, outside the QB position, things were somewhat average. Trung showed off his speed a couple times, and Morton his extrordinary quickness, but IMHO, B. Johnson and T. Buttone had the best days. Both showed decent hands (Johnson actually hanging on one play with 3 guys around, and taking a decent lick.) Buttone is a MONSTER. He's huge, uses his hands well in blocking, and drives exceptionally if he gets into a defenders body. He caught a couple balls, and he looks like a load to bring down when he gets up a head of steam.

Offensive line was up and down, giving the QBs time one play, then getting beat the next. L. Jackson beat Samuels twice, then switched sides and blew by Jansen, leaving the big 76 on the turf. Thomas missed a block resulting in a Jackson pressure for an int in 2-min. drill, but the line did open some holes for Trung and Morton on a few running plays. Dockery is a wall of a man, and mostly had his way in one-on-one drills, actually eliciting a couple post whistle shoves from Zellner, when Zellner couldn't get by him for the third straight time. I predict the big Doc breaks the lineup by midseason.

WR had an indifferent day mostly because the QBs couldn't get them the ball. McCants left early to the bicycles sans pads. Don't know what happened, but he was walking around fine. Coles looked OK, showed some burst on a few plays, but did not see extensive time, probably due to his being dinged the day before. Gardner made a couple nice catches, both on underthrown Ramsey passes. He probably had the second best session. #1 w/ a bullet this session was Richmond Flowers. The guy made some tough catches, took and dealt some punishment. After one int Flowers whacked Ade Jimoh along the sideline during the return. Got lots of Ooos and Aaahs. Looked like he had tons of fun out there today. If not for the logjam at WR, I'd say this guy makes the team as a special teamer.

Finally, in the punting derby (they punted with just snapper and return guys at the beginning of practice, then in full team live situations midway through) Bartholomew had a HUGE advantage. He consistently boomed turn over spirals in the no contact start, and had 3 50-yarders durning the live full contact version. Barker had just one bomb in the full contact session, and couldn't get the ball to turn over. He also was inconsistent in the no contact early session. Barker's only plus was that he gets the ball off much quicker than Bartholomew. Myself, and some others around me worried Bartholomew's punts might get blocked.

All in all, a great day to be alive, even if it did rain through a good portion of the practice. Hopefully Blitz will drop some pictures on the site for y'all. Hope my mug doesn't scare too many, but I look much better next to my beautiful girls!

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Originally posted by skinsin2002

Good training camp scoops, guys! This is my first time posting on this forum, and I have one question I cannot seem to find an answer to anywhere else. Does anyone have any information on why the Skins let Sulfsted go earlier this week? Are we really choosing Rod Jones over Sulfsted here, or is there more to it under the surface?

Nobody has anything solid, we've just been speculating like anyone else. One that I haven't heard yet (I dont know if it was posted, but I didnt see it) is that perhaps Snyder isnt such a bad guy, and didnt have a particularly bad relationship with Marvin Lewis. Perhaps we knew that Sulfsted wasnt going to make the active roster, and that he would be picked up long before getting to the practice squad. Maybe Marvin Lewis expressed interest, and since the Bungles are in the AFC, Snyder was cool with releasing Sulfsted early on in order to give Marvin a chance to pick him up at a time when maybe the other teams weren't watching the waiver wire quite so closely.

Just a thought.

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That's cool, and it seems to make some sense. I just hope that there is somebody else in camp who is really impressing at tackle then! ;) I have heard alot of good things about Dockery, but I doubt he would be ready to take on those speed rushers if (God forbid) anything should happen to Jansen or Samuels for any length of time. Rod Jones has yet to impress me, and seemingly he is always injured so I don't know when he would be available to impress anybody. I also am not too familiar with Bedell, so I can't wait to see these guys in action soon! Thanks!

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8/1/03 Friday 4pm (Part I)

The most noticable thing about this practice was the missing numbers... no 56, no 54, no 85, no 40, no 21, no 25, no 46, etc... There were several potential starters missing from both sides of the ball. Most were held back as precautions, but it definitely changed the feel of practice and makes it even harder to evaluate just how 'sharp' the offense or defense looked.

Overall, the offense defintely had more completions than the previous practice, and defintely appeared more in sync. However, this was also without two of its 3 starting LBs, and one of its starting CBs. And even then, the defense was still able to make some excellent plays in the 11-on-11s.

11 v 0 (offense formation practice)

As with my previous day at camp, I decided to focus on the offense in the hope that I could see a significant difference in the players and plays. After breaking the callesthenics (which were on the far field today as opposed to the field next to the fans), the defense stayed on the far field, and the Offense came to the near field and began thier formation practice. The offense lined up and ran a play from the 30 with Ramsey as QB, then with RJ as QB, then Hamden, and then Banks. This was the only significant work that Banks got today. It seems that he is falling farther and farther behind Hamden in practice time.

The plays which they practiced in this 11-man vs ghosts drill varied widely, and many of them focused on misdirection with the run game. There were several pitch-outs and play-actions. One would think that against no defenders, every pass would be completed but this wasn't the case. There was one bad snap that almost put the ball over Ramsey's head, and at least one throw by every QB that was off-target, and at least one pass was dropped.

QB/RB drills

Once again, they focused on mis-direction, QB head-fakes, and play-action technique in this drill. Hamden got praise from the QB coach on his head-movement. Ramsey seems to have these techniques down very well, as does Rob Johnson. Brad Banks got very little work in this, and when he did the difference was noticable in his head-work and play-action technique.

QB/WR Drills

I took a talley of each throw/catch by each QB/WR combo on this drill. Ramsey's accuracy seemed a little off today by looking over my notes (although this could have been due to the WR running bad patterns)... of the 4 20-yd out patterns that he threw, one was a bit short and behind to #80 Coles who still made the catch; he went long to #19; underthrew #82 but still made the catch; and then nailed #82 in his hands right in stride. #17 Rob Johnson wasnt much different, nor was #12 Gibran Hamden. All three QBs had at least one throw that was wide or short, and at least one that nailed the WR right in stride. #8 Brad Banks got in two throws, the first of which was wide and off one hand of #84, and the second sailed wide of #84. On the 20yd-post routes, RJ had a perfect toss to #18 right at the goal post and PR threw one just behind #83 Flowers.

7 on 0 (7-man practice formations)

Next, the offense went to practicing 7 man formations with the WR and RBs practicing shifts out of the backfield and timing on routes. The timing seemed to improve in these drills, and there was few incompletions in this. One throw that impressed me was by #12 to #86. It was a 15 yd 'in' pattern over the middle that #86 ran from the right slot. GH just threw a rope that #86 caught right in stride. Also, #19 Scott Cloman made a nice over-the-shoulder grab of a Rob Johnson bomb that hit him perfectly in stride. One coach chided #82 Cliff Russell for not hustling out of the way after #19 caught a 5 yd out and turned up field, "You GOTTA get outa there! RUN! Get up field!" It also appeared that either Cliff got a late start off the ball or just wasnt going full speed on his route, because when Cloman caught the ball, he was about 5 feet from Russell. As seems to be tradition now judging from other re-caps, Hamden gets a full bladder at this point and takes a leak in the woods, but not far enough in that you dont know what he is doing.

11 on 11

The offense and defense now came together for full 11 on 11 plays starting at the defense's 30 yd line. Ramsey took the bulk of the throws in these drills and had some excellent completions. The first of note was to #18 on a 10 yd out with #20 Chad Morton open underneath. Next was a post route up the middle to #89 Zeron Flemister that would have been good for at least 20 yards if not a TD. A corner route in the endzone was a bit behind #84 who was blanketed by Champ. A short pattern over the middle completed to #19 would have resulted in his head being taken off if #59 had hit him at game speed. It would have been a Lavar-esque drilling with the perfect angle he had on him.

On a few plays, they lined #66 Dockery up as Right Tackle and on others as Right Guard. He seemed to hold his own well, although this was mostly against second-stringer DL. #40® CB Larry Austin is another smurf-looking guy out there... like Chad Morton, he strikes you as somewhat out of place due to his size. One thing noted in these 11 v 11 is that nearly everything was completed... but there were alot of missing defensive starters as well.

Kick-off Returns

There is a system that requires various players to put either blue or yellow stocking caps over thier helmets, and honestly, I am not sure what the system is... some players with the colored caps were on both sides of the kickoff return teams. They probably kicked at least 12 practice kickoffs. The kicking team would carry blocking pads with them, and the play would get called somewhere around the 30 or so after the return team wedge had made contact with the kicking team. #80 and #20 were the deep return men, and you could hear #80 saying, "On me! Line up and I'll give the go!" he would coordinate the sprint of the back-wall of blockers just in front of Chad Morton as he took the kick. One entertaining play was when the kicking team surprised the receiving team with an on-sides kick, but #31 David Terrell had jumped forward before the ball was kicked and recovered the onsides. Afterwards, you could hear #45 screaming, "NUMBER 31! DT! DAVID TERRELL!! WATCH THE BALL!" #45 then proceded to smack him a few times with his blocking pad, getting some laughs from us on the sidelines.


7 on 7

The linemen went to do some drills at the other field, and the 7 on 7 commensed. #41 Matt Bowen made an excellent defense on a pass by sprinting across the front of the WR just as the ball got there, knocking down the ball. He definitely has some speed. Another play that stood out was a short-out caught by #20 Morton who just put on the jets and blew around #58 to beat him to the corner and turned up field. I can see Morton definitely getting some time as a pass-catching back. I cant imagine that many OLB will be able to hang too long with him or with Trung out in the flat or on delayed patterns. Starting from the defenses' 30 yd line, #17 Rob Johnson seemed a bit off on his timing and had two passes intercepted (one by #52 underneath, and another by #26 on a 10 yd out). Another long bomb by #17 to #18 was broken up nicely by #40®. The next play, his pass was dead-on to #82 Russell who proceeded to let himself get stripped of the ball which was recovered by #29 Franz. Nice to see the backup defense being ballhawks, although it being only a 7v7 youd think the RJ should have more success.

From the 25 yd line several more plays were snapped with #11 Ramsey back in. He had several NICE throws that demonstrated the accuracy that we've seen before. A 10yd out pattern to #89 Flemister was a solid rope and Z made a nice turn upfield. Next he hit #83 Flowers in the endzone corner for a TD. Flowers seems to be holding his own in this camp... he could seriously push for that last WR spot.

From the 15yd line, Rob Johnson comes back in and gets another INT by #52 again, this time in the Endzone, but bounces right back with a nice throw to #39 on a 5 yd out pattern.

From the 5 yd line, Hamden gets back in and hits #80 Coles at the post for a TD but his throw was a bit high. Ramsey comes in and gets a pass to #88 Royals broken up by #26 Ohalete over the middle. Smoot, who sat out practice but was watching, started making alot of noise and giving the O some typical Smootsmack. PR counters that with a TD to #84 Johnson in the corner.

11 on 11 again

The last drill of the practice is another round of 11 v 11. The personell on both sides is mixed up alot with second and third stringers in with starters. The first play was from the 35 yd line of the defense, and #11 Ramsey held the ball WAY too long and had to throw it away. The defense got good pressure from the right side. I couldnt tell if it was Jansen over there or not. The next play was a 5 yd out to #83 Flowers who showed that he can catch with good technique. The next pass was a wobbly 7 yd underneath pass to #84 Patrick Johnson, but he caught it. On the following play, the D got some good pressure again and #11 threw it in the dirt at the feet of #30 Trung Candidate. Next, Ramsey threw a screen to #20 Morton who put a nice move on #50 to get some extra yards. Occasionally, you could hear the coaches calling out the down and distance for each play... "Ok, this is one is 3rd and 7 guys... etc." One play, #74 ® Nick Clemons jumped offsides, and Rob Johnson completed a nice 10yd-out to #89 Z.Flem. As this drill progressed, they moved the line of scrimmage closer and closer to the endzone and #11 and #17 swapped in and out as QB. The last few plays that #17 RJ got in showed him to be much more accurate... he hit a wide-open #80 Coles on post route from the 20 yd line, and had a nicely timed shovel pass to #20 that went for a long gain. Ramsey also finished up strong with a nice playaction fake and screen to #20, although one play #79® J. Brown made a nice move on the guard to get into Ramsey's face, but pulled up before he hit him. Only because he pulled up did Ramsey escape a sack and sidestep to make a completion.

In summary, it's difficult make many generalizations from this practice with so many guys held out... if I had to pick one guy who made a nice showing it would be #83 Flowers who got increased time with #85 McCants having strained his hamstring while stretching in the a.m. practice.

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From redskins.com:

Training Camp Report, Aug. 2 Morning Practice


Thousands of fans were on hand for the first of two training camp practices at Redskins Park this morning, as the team kicked off Fan Appreciation Day festivities. The Redskins had a spirited workout, with fans becoming especially vocal during passing drills.

While the quarterbacks, offensive linemen and defensive linemen worked with their position coaches, coach Mike Stock oversaw special teams practice, with the unit focusing primarily on punt and kickoff returns. Later, quarterbacks Patrick Ramsey, Rob Johnson and Gibran Hamdan practiced running the two-minute offense against the Redskins' defense.

Afterwards, Fred Smoot, LaVar Arrington, Matt Bowen and Rock Cartwright were among many Redskins who signed autographs. When Arrington left the field, fans serenaded him with chants of “MVP.”

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from Saturday morning’s action:

Play: Patrick Ramsey led the first-team offense on a proficient 80-yard drive during the two-minute offense drill. He completed passes to Laveranues Coles, Trung Canidate and Taylor Jacobs in leading the offense downfield. The drive was culminated on a 5-yard touchdown scamper by Ramsey, in which the second-year quarterback rolled to his right and darted into the end zone, barely eluding several defenders led by Arrington.

Player: Rod Gardner was impressive during the passing drills, catching balls on sideline routes and crossing patterns. On one play, he made a diving catch of a Rob Johnson pass, his forward motion carrying him into a group of fans along the sidelines. They applauded Gardner’s effort and patted him on the back as he ran back onto the field.

Quote: “John Hall is the kind of kicker who brings the lunch pail to work just like all the other guys. When it’s time for him to work, he does it. He’s not going to kick four balls and walk away from a workout. He’s a big guy, too. He’s not afraid to tackle you. He’ll play like a linebacker if he has to.” -- Mike Stock, special teams coach

Atmosphere: The Redskins practiced amid the largest crowd to date and hazy—but comfortable—weather conditions. Fans lined up alongside two practice fields to watch the team practice.

Notes: Fan Appreciation Day festivities continue this afternoon. Be sure to check back to www.redskins.com for more updates.

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Here is one of Smoot after the am practice. I missed getting his but he was nice enough to stop over and sign for a bunch of people. So did LA, Ramsey, Noble, Hamden and Jorden Younger a db from U Conn. Most of these guys didn't come close enough to my side to get a good pic, so I won't post the ones that are far away.

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OK, quick report from this afternoon. I dropped in for a bit and then left before practice really got rolling because it was hard to get a good, close viewing space. Fairly big (though well managed) crowd, which was to be expected for Fan Appreciation Day. The astroturf field was set up to hold long lines for autographs after the practice.

Since I came in during the entertainment, the only real report I have is on Spurrier's comments to the crowd. They were almost nonexistent -- he spoke for less than a minute but very enthusiastically welcomed everyone there. Some of the new cheerleaders looked fairly hot, and Ramsey and Hamdan's warm-up tosses looked OK to me.

Sorry for the low quality of this report compared to others, but that's about all I saw from the back.


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Afternoon "Fan Appreciation" Day TC Practice:

I'm really beginning to get excited by Bowen's play. He seems to be around the ball on virtually every play. And... Morton taking a draw play 65 yards..... that sounds really nice.


"The Redskins put the finishing touches on Fan Appreciation Day with another energetic training camp practice in the afternoon, followed by an hour-long player autograph session. Fans lined up by the dozens to obtain autographs from Redskin players and coaches.

“We’re going to do our part to make this a team you can really be proud of this year,” head coach Steve Spurrier told the crowd of fans following performances by the Washington Redskins Marching Band and the Redskins Cheerleaders. “We believe we have a better team and we know we’re going to have your support at FedExField.”

The Redskins opened the afternoon practice with the first-team offense squaring off against the first-team defense. Safety Matt Bowen made one of the day's most memorable plays, leaping in front of a pass for an interception; on the return, he threw a lateral to a trailing Fred Smoot, who turned upfield and ran another 10 yards before being tackled by Bryan Johnson.

This was followed with a session by the special teams unit, including work by the punt return and field goal kicking squads. The team ended practice with work another round of 11-on-11 drills, this time with primarily the third-team units.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from Saturday afternoon’s action:

Play: Chad Morton continues to impress coaches on the draw play. He took a handoff from Patrick Ramsey, shifted to the right to avoid tacklers, and then scooted about 65 yards down the sideline and into the end zone, leaving defenders in his wake. The touchdown drew the loudest ovation from the thousands of fans in attendance.

Player: Chris Samuels appeared to be in regular season form, blocking outside and inside rushes during 11-on-11 drills against the first-team defense. The Redskins’ left tackle is aiming for his third consecutive Pro Bowl season this year.

Quote: “The sky is the limit for this offensive line. We have a lot of guys with experience and we have guys who are in the prime of their career. And we have guys who genuinely enjoy the game of football. I can definitely feel the chemistry.” – Jon Jansen, right tackle

Atmosphere: There were more hazy skies during the afternoon practice, with a few drops of rain sprinkled here and there, but the sun poked through the clouds just as the autograph session began. Fans shouted encouragement to players throughout the practice, cheering every pass completion and tackle."


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