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      Good afternoon Redskins fans!  I have once again been invited to sit in the relative comfort of the press box and shout my thoughts into the void via this blog.  As you watch the game today and see the rain  pour relentlessly from the heavens, know that I am safe and dry.  Know also that @Spaceman Spiff is out there somewhere, cold and unappreciated, rolling around in the muck trying to capture that perfect picture.  Maybe say a little prayer for his health (or laugh, whatever, I’m not judging you).  Also, be sure not to miss the pictures he posts on this site after each game.     
      Before we get into today's Redskins game, I want give some thanks for more positive occurrences in DC sports.  Congrats to the Washington Mystics for winning their first championship.  Congrats go out to the Washington Nationals as well for reaching the world series.  These two teams (along with the Caps) are working hard to change the sports related mood around this town, and we're all happier for it. 
      Lets move now into less cheerful topics, namely your Washington Redskins!  Yow know things are going bad, and I mean really dang bad, when your team has gone through three quarterbacks and two coaches and your not even half way through the season.  Today's fresh hell comes in the form of a specter of the our recent past coming to smirk at our misfortune.  Im talking of course of Kyle.  Kyle's spent the week assuring everyone that he isn’t holding a grudge, while very obviously holding a grudge.  “Everything else.”  You know what I’m talking about. 
      If all he brought to town were his hurt feelings we wouldn’t have a problem.  Sadly, he’s arrived with an undefeated football team that the NFL says we have to play this week.  This feels entirely unfair. 
      My generic key to the game:  Run the ball and stop the run.  The team (spoiler alert: 49ers) that does this today will win.   
      Redskins Inactives  
      QB Colt McCoy  
      S Deshazor Everett  
      CB Josh Norman  
      RB Chris THompson  
      LB Josh Harvey-Clemons 
      G Wes Martin  
      TE Vernon Davis  
      49ers inactives  
      QB CJ Beathard 
      WR Deebo Samuel  
      CB Ahkello Witherspoon  
      FB Kyle Juszczyk 
      T Mike McGLinchey 
      T Joe Staley 
      DL DJ Jones 
      1st Quarter Update
      Redskins 0 – 0 49ers
      Callahan wasn’t playing around when he said he wanted to run the ball.  That first drive was all runs, and looked great... right up until they tried to pass the ball.  Hopkins missed the relatively short fied goal, because of course he did.     

      Maybe Quinn isn’t a good choice to be returning punts?  Consider it.    
      That second Redskins drive looked more like what we’ve come to expect from this offense.  Run for negative yards, pass dropped, and an unsuccessful screen pass.  A quintessential Redskins three and out. 

      Passing yards this quarter:  Redskins 3. 49ers 9.  Are you not entertained?! 
      Half Time Update
      Redskins 0 – 0 49ers 
      How happy are you to spend your Sunday afternoon watching this game?  Consider that some people paid money, to sit in a poncho, in the rain, to watch this game. 
      It’s now time for those half time adjustments that our beloved skins do so well.  It’s unlikely the second half mirrors the first. 
      3rd Quarter Update 
      Redskins 0 – 3 49ers  
      Good news, this game will not end in a 0-0 tie.  Those half time adjustments have kicked in as expected and the 49ers have found a way onto the scoreboard in this messy throwback game.  The Redskins have decided to spend the second half collecting holding penalties and sadness.  Mercifully, only one quarter remains. 
      End of Game Update 
      Redskins 0 – 9 49ers 
      Callahan hasn’t spent much time as the head coach of the Washington Redskins, but he’s already proven that his team can waste 2nd half timeouts like a veteran.  It makes little sense to adopt a strategy that shortens the game when your team is losing, and it makes even less sense when your team is short on time outs.  I’m not really sure what the thinking as late in this game.    
      Next week Kirk Cousins!   


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Training camp recaps.

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Originally posted by jbooma

Do they cancel in case of rain? It looks as if it will rain this afternoon.


In one of the other articles posted Spurrier said something about practicing on the astroturf if it rained hard. I guess they don't mind the players getting wet, but they don't want them running on a muddy field.

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This is my first year on this board - reading your reports from training camp is going to be :cool: Thanks!

I'm pretty damned jealous - getting to go to a training camp would be a dream - just about as good as getting to go to Fed-X to see a game. Unfortunetly for me to see the Redskins they will probably need to be playing in Washington state.

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Originally posted by SkinsHokie Fan

Hey Todd it wasn't bad. Since I run my own business I basically set my own hours and practice was done at 11. Plenty of time to get back and wet some people's football appetite. I just hope we can continue with posting re-caps in this thread. Best idea EVER

Well, you're definitely definitely the man then.


Just get back out there tomorrow morning. :D

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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

I figure I'll add a few more thoughts since nobody else has posted anything all day. (I took no notes so things just come back to me when I am eating or something)

Random thoughts from the July 28th, am practice

Fumble drills

This was good. As the recievers and backs went through agility drills in the ropes the coaches were all over the ball trying to knock it out the whole time. I barely noticed this drill because I was watching the qb's work on footwork but once I saw it I became transfixed on it remembering what a bad problem fumbling was last year. Its already difficult enough to hop through the ropes but with coaches trying to knock the ball out its that much tougher. Hopefully we'll see the ball protected better on the field.

Some good coaching: This was one of my favorite moments. In a few WR vs DB drills one WR, number 15, ran a route too deep. He made the catch but right away most of the DB's were saying "safety help would be there" SS Jr got all over him real quick saying how he has to keep the route at 15 yards or else he will get killed running it at 18 yards and trying to make the catch. 3 yards can make that much of a difference in this offense.

Some more on Ramsey: During the special teams drill on punting Patrick Ramsey, rather then sitting around and taking it easy, kept throwing the ball around and talking it up with the coaches. Rob Johnson was standing there looking pretty but Ramsey kept himself loose, kept throwing around, and seemed to keep focused on football.

And once again overall it looked like the defense had the upperhand in the morning practice. A few plays were there where Ramsey may not have seen the WR's and timing was still off a bit but overall I think this morning was a solid start

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Thanks here too, ah that taste was so good i can't wait for the first pre season game let the first sunday

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My impression yesterday were of a team that has potential. Patrick looked very solid on several throws and I definitely saw the potential they like in Gibron Hamden. Rob Johnson was iffy and in the 11 on 11 drive still showed his propensity to hold onto the ball too long.

The backs looked very quick. Trung Candidate was actually bigger than I thought and he looked good in the drills. Rock Cartwright also looked like he's ready to take the next step to being the next Larry Centers for the Redskins.

The receiver looked decent. After a rough first practice Lavernues Coles started showing why we paid the money. But I was real impressed with Taylor Jacobs he caught everything thrown to him. A sleeper was Richmond Flowers who's hand were like glue especially when he fought Champ Bailey for a ball.

Defensive looked a little iffy. Certainly Dan Wilkinson being held out and Regan Upshaw, LaDarius Jackson and Bruce Smith only practicing once didn't help. The D-Line is a huge question mark which is why they must get this Big Daddy situation resolved. It was great to see Jeremiah Trotter practice twice yesterday especilly on a wet field in the 2nd practice.

The D Backs looked good as well. Matt Bowen could be the 2nd coming of Brad Edwards. Hopefully they get the Champ situation resolved because he's very dissapointed by the contract situation as I witnessed on the news and we need Champ focused.

I'm going back Wednesday and I'll have another update

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MWCREDSKIN, I do believe that was one of the better 3rd posts there has been around here.

Thanks for the updates. Keep 'em coming. :)

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OK, I went to the session at 4 this afternoon.

First it was great weather for football. A lot of people there today also, I would say close to 2,000. On to the day!!

Coles,Coles,Coles!!!!! The man is fast and has some great hands and footwork. One play this afternoon was when Champ was on Coles.

Ramsey Dropped back , looked left then looked right and saw Coles Threw it and Coles had already left Champ behind. Champ won't get beat like that often but when he does you take notice of who did it. That play drew a lot of applause from wher I was.

Of what I have seen of the recieving core from two days of camp.






Running Backs- I would have to say so far it is Trung all tha way.

Leathal Speed,quick and no sign of the fumble problem some folks seem to think he has. It's true once he hits a hole he is gone.

The Rock had a ruff afternoon in some of the drills with dropping two passes. He got frustrated to the point of throwing his gloves on the ground.

Ramsey Looked a lot better today. You can tell he has a lot of conifidence this year. His touch is a lot better and he is more at ease.

Rob Johnson- I don't really know about this guy.

Hamden- Didn't get to see much of him playing.

The O line looked really good today. Gave Pat a lot of time.

John Hall Made a 40 yarder look easy also. Didn't miss anything from what I saw....

Well hope this helps I have some pics too if u all would like to see.

THIS IS GOING TO BE ONE HELL OF A YEAR!!!!!! Get Ready:cheers:

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7/29/03 4pm Practice

I arrived at 4:05, and as I was walking towards the field, I could see the team doing its callesthenics. The offense was on the right side of the main practice field wearing white jerseys, and the defense was on the left in red jerseys. The 4 QBs were among the players closest to the sideline that was roped off for the fans. As I watched Patrick Ramsey and Rob Johnson, there was a distinct difference in how serious they took the exercises. Patrick was definitely staying focused and putting in reasonable effort into his stretching drills. Contrast this to Rob Johnson, who was very relaxed and joking around with one of the trainers as the various stretching routines were whistled through by the coaches. He was definitely not taking it as serious as PR, nor was he putting in the same effort. Its only a stretching drill, and some would say that he needs to take it very seriously... but RJ's looseness is also something that I was glad to see. I am hoping that this is a sign that he is confidently taking in all that Spurrier has to teach him about the FnG.

Position drills

After the stretching, the team broke into position drills. The offense stayed on the near field, and the defense went to the far one. So, most of what I was able to watch was the offense today. The running backs did some agility/ball control drills by high-stepping through ropes, and having about 8 trainers/coaches try to knock the ball out of thier hands. The running back who impressed me most was Ladell Betts, who moved with fluidity and had a vice-grip on the ball. Only Thad Buttone slipped, and that was right at the end of the ropes when the RB is supposed to do a spin. It appeared that his arm was caught by one of the trainers trying to knocking the ball out. The good news is that none of them fumbled the ball.

The WR were at the opposite end of the field, and on the opposite side running the same drills... so it was more difficult to get a good view of them. However, it did not stop me from noticing the distinct difference in the way #82 and #83 ran through the ropes compared to guys like #19 and #13. The fluidity of leg-movement and agility was noticable.

THe QBs were in the middle of the field with Coach Spurrier. They had thier own foot-work drills to do. The only straggler was Brad Banks. He just didnt seem to have the same hip motion of the other guys.... but he also didnt seem to be getting the attention of the coaching either. All 4 of the guys seem to have excellent arm strength because all of thier passes of around 20 yards were on a rope.

RB + QB handoff drills

Next, the RBs and QBs got together and ran various formation drills. The QBs would line up under a snapper (Albright usually) and the RBs would be in various formations behind them. The bulk of the focus was on misdirection plays. First, they ran several sets of a shovel pass out of an I formation. The QBs all threw the shovel with thier left hands, so the passes seemed rather inaccurate but no one missed the ball or dropped it. Next, they ran a delayed pitchout with the RB set behind the QB and the FB set to the right of the RB. It had the feel of a draw with its intentional pass-looking drop-back and flick to the RB coming across. Following this, there was a few playaction passes where the RB would do a 5 yard curl-in and the FB would do a fly down the right side. The QB would hit the RB just as he turned in. Gibran Hamden was complimented on one of the coaches for his head-work and footwork during this drill. As expected, Banks seemed the least fluid in this. You could hear the coaches keeping the intensity up, and chiding some of the 2nd string RBs to "Run back, Dont walk back!!" The other thing that stood out was just how darn small #20 Chad Morton seems compared to the other players. He definitely has some speed though... there is something about the guy that reminds me of Joe Morris from the 80's Giants teams.

QB + WR drills

None of the QBs really stood out in these pattern drills. Ramsey, Hamden, and Johnson definitely have strong arms, and all of them overthrew guys on deep outs several times. Its hard to tell if that was a WR issue, or a QB issue. The WR were standing in a line, and it was hard to tell which one was on running the routes at times. They started at the opponents 20 yd line, and ran several plays from there. Ramsey got the bulk of the work, but RJ and GH got some throws in as well. Most of the routes ran in this drill were the 17 yard out. None of the QB were especially consistent on these today, although #80 Coles made a spectacular catch of a Ramsey pass and ran right to the ropes where the fans were gathered. They then ran several plays from the 15 yd line, then the 10 yd line, then the 5 yd line. From the 15, they focused more on the post route in the endzone. #87 Rod Gardner made some excellent catches. If there was anyone who stood out through all the drills and scrimmages today, it was Rod. Nothing thrown near him hit the ground... although the majority of balls thrown today didnt hit the ground either. From the 10 yd line, they threw short curls in the middle to the RBs and FBs as well as some corner patterns in the endzone. Most of the misses in this drill came on the corner routes. The timing just wasnt there for most of the guys. From the 5 yd line, the ran several plays where the RB would break through the line to the left of the QB, turn back 4 yds down field, then slide to the QBs right and catch the ball at the goal line. #40 Cartwright seems built for this pattern. He will be hard to bring down from there.

(to be continued... ill add more as I type it out)

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7/29, 4 PM Practice

Hey Skins fans, new member here, and I thought I might share some assessments of 'Skins TC. I'm trying to go to one practice atleast every other day, so I hope I can provide info to this board, seeing how I am in Redskin Heaven.

I went to the four o' clock session of TC today, and I was very impressed with our top two recievers.

Rod Gardner looked excellent going over the middle in minimal contact practices. It looks to me that he has cleaned up some of his route running and jumping skills. It showed well today. He made an excellent leaping catch in the back of the endzone, extending over who I believe was David Terrell. He's the kind of scoring weapon we need in the red zone because of our weakness at the tight end position. I think he is the perfect fit to go alongside Coles rather than be the #1 on the team.

Lavernues Coles made some excellent plays on our best CB's. I really didn't expect to see him play this well. He was a lot stronger than I realized from watching segments and highlights of Jets games. His best play of the session was a 20 yard out pattern on Champ Bailey that I think Ramsey (might have been Rob Johnson) made a great throw and hit him right in the chest. I think this guy will be huge this season, as long as PR is throwing well.

Even though Taylor Jacobs will be probably be getting significant playing time as the third receiver, I think (and hope) the biggest impact rookie will be Derrick Dockery. This guy is HUGE and looked great playing next to Chris Samuels. Them with Jansen and Thomas with Fiore in the middle might give us the best line in football if Dockery develops into what he could be.

Play of the session would have to go to David Terrell, who made two fantastic plays, one on a crossing pattern where he stuck his arm over a receiver's shoulder (Gardner? Some white guy #18? I donno.) and knocked the ball away. On the other side, he made another good defensive play, running across the field to do it, and gave us fans a nice "NOT HERE, MOTHERF****R!" Not sure about the "not here", but the MoFo part was more than obvious.

Oh and if you were one of the many fans who decided to go shirtless... put a damn shirt on. It was like 78 degrees. Geeze.


ps- i put this on KFFL too... are xskins.com and kffl rivals in any way? i hope not, because they both feature awesome boards :)

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Originally posted by AshburnSkinsFan

ps- i put this on KFFL too... are xskins.com and kffl rivals in any way? i hope not, because they both feature awesome boards :)

No dude.. it's all cool here. Thanks for taking the time. The detail is incredible. Brilliant job.

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