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Did anyone listen to Spurrier's press conference

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SS said that the team has to become more fundamentally sound and they have been working on that ever since mini-camp.Also said they have instituted small fines for penalties( offsides,holding etc) to improve upon our play.Also mentioned that we will have more referees present to help learn to play mistake free ball. Spurrier also said that the off season conditioning program turned out well as the team is in better physical shape. Said that Ramsey is better prepared to play this season than anytime last year. Bruce Smith,L.Jackson,J.Trotter,Cliff Russell and Upshaw will not see two a day practices and will be brought along slowly. Also said that Wilky will report to camp on time. Punter position is up for grabs with Barker & Barthalamew(sp?). Also said that it will be very hard to address 4 tailbacks for the season. Most likely will be 3. That's about all I got from it.


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mistakes were a glaring problem last year. but often penalties are not the result of guys not knowing what to do but of not being physically talented enough to DO IT :)

the offensive line couldn't block anyone last year and those holding calls were all that stood between Ramsey and getting drilled 40 times a game.

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