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OT-Baylor player found....


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This is only 60 miles from me.

Sad for so many concerned.


WACO, Texas (AP) -- A body was found southeast of Waco on Saturday in an area where police earlier searched for missing Baylor University basketball player Patrick Dennehy, but authorities could not immediately say if it was him.

"We can confirm that there has been a body found, but we have no further information about that at this time," sheriff's Capt. Paul Wash said. "It was in the same general vicinity that other searches have been conducted this week."

Dennehy, a 6-foot-10, 230-pound center, was last seen on campus June 12. His family reported him missing June 19 and his Chevy Tahoe was found in a Virginia Beach, Va., parking lot June 25 without its license plates.

Carlton Dotson, who played basketball for Baylor last season and had been living with Dennehy for a few months, was charged with Dennehy's murder last week in his home state of Maryland. He remains jailed without bond awaiting extradition to Texas.

After calling 911 and saying he needed help because he was hearing voices, Dotson talked to FBI agents in Maryland on Monday and said he shot Dennehy after the player tried to shoot him, according to the arrest warrant. But after his arrest, Dotson told The Associated Press that "he didn't confess to anything."

Dotson, 21, gave police three locations in Waco where Dennehy's body might be found, Dennehy's family said.

Dennehy's stepfather and mother, Brian and Valorie Barbazon, and his girlfriend, Jessica De La Rosa, left Waco Friday after spending a four days there cleaning out Dennehy's apartment and meeting with police and Baylor officials.

The three were together Saturday at De La Rosa's home in Albuquerque, N.M., when they heard that a body had been found, De La Rosa said by telephone. She said authorities had not told them whether it was Dennehy's.

"I really, really hope it's not Patrick," De La Rosa said. "I know it's a possibility, given the location, but I still hope he's alive."


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