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Whitfield Leads 10-Touchdown Spree


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Whitfield Leads 10-Touchdown Spree

By Dave Brady

Sports Staff Writer

Monday, November 28, 1966; page D1

Little Big Horn was worse. There were no survivors among General Custer's troops.

Yesterday, Allie Sherman's rag-tag platoons were bombed, boomed and doomed by the Redskins, but remained alive to know they were newly implicated in National Football League history. The score was 72-41, and the 113 points shattered the regular season record of 98 set in 1948 when the Chicago Cardinals mopped up these same New York Giants, 63-35.

If the Redskins' total was not quite enough to make the 50,459 fans in D.C. Stadium forget the 73-0 championship game loss to the Chicago Bears in 1940, one could not tell by the hoarse gloating of the faithful who have not had a winning team since 1955 and a title of any kind since 1945.

The Redskins' total was the highest ever for an NFL team in a regular-season game.

Along about 4:30 p.m. Giants' quarterback Tom Kennedy, a sandlot graduate from Brooklyn, understandably lost count and threw the ball out of bounds on fourth down, thinking it was only third down.

The Redskins took possession with seven seconds remaining and Charlie Gogolak kicked a 29-yard field goal.

The majority of the fans sounded as though they savored every point.

A.D. Whitfield scored three touchdowns the first four times he handled the ball, once on a 63-yard run.

Split end Charle Taylor broke the game wide open with 74- and 32-yard toudchdown receptions in the third quarter.

Defensive back Brig Owens ran 62 yards for a score with a fumble recovery and did it all over again with a pass interception.

Defensive back Rickie Harris sprinted 52 yars with a punt return for a touchdown, and flanker Bobby Mitchell emerged from the doghouse in high style.

He was inserted as a running back in the fourth quarter and broke off a 45-yard scoring run that was reminiscent of his days as a halfback at Cleveland.

Gogolak accounted for 12 points on nine conversions and a field goal to tie Bruce Gossett of Los Angeles for the NFL scoring lead at 91 points.

Sonny Jurgensen threw three touchdown passes in completing 62 per cent of his throws, 10 for 16 for 145 yards.

When the data processing was finished it turned out, naturally, that a slew of records were set. The Redskins did not quite run out of footballs, but 14 were lost.

Here's how the Redskins accomplished the overkill to end a three-game losing string, avenge a 13-10 loss to the Giants, and bring their record to 6-6 in the Eastern Conference:

First Quarter

Safety man Owens intercepted a pass by Kennedy and ran it five yards to the Giants 29-yard line. With the ball on the five-yard line, Whitfield was substituted for starting halfback Joe Don Looney. On a play that Jurgensen had practiced all week, he rose up in the short pocket, pumped the ball quickly as if he would pass and threw to Whitfield, who got behind defensive back Henry Carr in the end zone. Gogolak's extra-point attempt was blocked by Jim Moran.

Harris ran back Ernie Koy's punt 15 yards to the Redskins' 26. Four plays later, Whitfield sliced off his left tackle, stepped around defensive end Clarence Childs and set sail behind offensive tackle Jim Snowden. Defensive back Carl Lockhart stood between the Redskins and a touchdown at the 12-yard line, but Whitfield faked to cut in toward the goal post and suddenly reversed toward the flag. Snowden merely screened Lockhart as Whitfield completed the 63-yard scamper. Gogolak converted.

Second Quarter

After Pete Gogolak of the Giants missed 41- and 46-yard field goal tries, Looney fumbled and Childs recovered for the giants on the Redskins' 33.

Linebacker Chris Hanburger and Owens rescued Looney from that embarrassment on the next play. Hanburger barreled into Kennedy, who fumbled, Owens scooped up the ball and, with Rickie Harris riding shotgun, dashed 62 yards for a touchdown. Gogolak converted.

Phil Harris returned Charley Taylor's kickoff six yards and a personal-foul penalty against the Redskins moved the Giants to their own 39.

Fullback Allen Jacobs topped off the 61-yard push by running six yards through the middle of the Redskins' line for a touchdown. Pete Gogolak converted.

Pat Richter, who also got off kicks of 73 and 51 yards, punted 52 yards and the Giants were set back further by a clipping penalty that put the ball on their 11.

Kennedy aimed a pass for end Homer Jones, but Redskins' defensive back Paul Krause wrestled the ball away from him for an interception at the Giants' 38.

Split end Taylor had safety Childs beat in the end zone. Taylor was hanling the ball when Childs hacked his arms. Interference was called, giving the Redskins a 37-yard gain to the Giants' one-yard line. Whitfield gave it an extra wrench to plunk the ball in the end znone and Gogolak converted.

Forty-three seconds later, Owens intercepted for the second of three times. He picked off the ball in flight toward Bob Crespino and ran 22 yards. A personal-foul penalty of ten yards moved the ball to the Giants' nine and Looney swept left end for a touchdown. Gogolak converted.

That brought in quarterback Gary Wood for the Giants and they went 70 yards to score, just 46 seconds before halftime on a one-yard sneak by Wood. Pete Gogolak converted.

Third Quarter

Phil Harris ran Taylor's kickoff 31 yards to the Giants' 48. Four plays later, Wood escaped from defensive linemen Walt Barnes and Willie Adams long enough to throw a 41-yard touchdown pass to Joe Morrison, who got away from Krause. Pete Gogolak converted. Fred Mazurek ran back Pete Gogolak's kickoff 29 yards and the Redskins went 69 yards to score, on a 32-yard pass from Jurgensen to Taylor, who caught six passes in all. Gogolak converted.

Phil Harris ran 22 yards with Taylor's kickoff and the Giants ate up most of 69 yards on a 50-yard touchdown pass from Wood to Jones, who eluded Krause. Pete Gogolak converted.

Mazurek returned the kickoff 26 yards. After Whitfield lost two yards, Taylor went 74 yards for a score on a pass from Jurgensen. Olympian Carr first missed a shot at Taylor at the sideline and teammate Lockhart never closed a gap on Taylor the rest of the way. Gogolak converted.

Fourth Quarter

The Giants were backed into a fourth-down situation, needing 21 yards, at their nine-yard line when Koy punted to Rickie Harris. Koy was the last obstacle to Harris, at the Giants 18, once Harris got into the clear, Harris cut past him without drawing a tackle for a 52-yard touchdown run. Gogolak converted.

The Giants took Richter's punt on their 33 and from their 49, Wood attempted a pass to Crespino. Owens intercepted it and ran 62 yards for a touchdown, convoyed by linebacker John Reger. Gogolak converted.

Danny Lewis, the former Redskin, ran Taylor's kickoff 37 yards to the Redskins' 47. Kennedy replaced Wood at quarterback and passed 18 yards to Aaron Thomas for a touchdown. Pete Gogolak's extra-point try was low. The Redskins had only nine men on the field.

Dick Shiner replaced Jurgensen and passed toward Taylor, but Lockhart intercepted on the Giants' 34. Lewis finally scored from the one-yard line. Gogolak converted.

The Giants muffed one on-side kickoff attempt and when they moved back to teir 35-yard line linebacker Steve Jackson grabbed the next on-side attempt and got a yard to the Giants' 45.

In came converted flanker Mitchell to the Redskins' backfield. He had been booed when he made his first entrance into the game as a receiver in the third quarter. This time he touched off the loudest bedlam of the day when he burst through his right tackle and sped 45 yards for a score in a manner to belie his age, 31. Gogolak converted with 48 seconds remaining, but the Redskins were not finished yet.

Gogolak still had to make his first field-goal attempt, with seven seconds left.

Now, with an open date coming up, Coach Otto Graham probably will demand that the Redskins do something about a defense that allowed 41 points.

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