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Todd's cranky. :)

Hey, we were all 18 once .... or will, be one day, with luck, anyway.

Don't sweat it, King. It's just the accoustics in here are pretty good ... you don't gotta project quite so much.

And some of us are tyring to sleep.


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King, you've learned the first brutal lesson of Extremeskins....sometimes folks don't find a thread nearly as exciting and inciteful as you do. I'll check out your thread as I know how it feels to post something you feel good about, only to see it gets nary a whiff from your peers here. But it happens. Then you'll turn around a post something you barely gave a thought to, and it flies off in a hundred different directions. You can never tell. Keep on posting...and as for the age-ism, remember its just jealousy from some of the older f@rts (like moi).

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