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The "Maryland I"???


Jacobs and DT or Coles  

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  1. 1. Jacobs and DT or Coles

    • I think even with the knowledge we could get Jacobs in the 2nd, the Coles trade was a good trade.
    • No way, I want Jacobs and a DT in round one.
    • Is this really relevant?
    • Thanks for posting the poll because football bores me and I come on to this forum to vote in polls.

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I don't watch much college football so I'm hoping some of you can enlighten me on this. While playing against Western Michigan in NCAA 2004, I noticed they used the "Maryland I" formation often-- two tight ends and THREE running backs lined up one behind the other in an I formation. It seemed to be fairly easy to counter by swarming the line of scrimmage with 8 men and making sure two safeties were back to cover the TEs. So what is the point of this formation, and do college teams still use it?

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Also called the "Stack" formation its pretty much gone the way of the Wishbone. With four people in the backfield it offers a lot of misdirection options as well as power running plays and puts pressure on the linebackers. My high school team ran it and it was pretty effective but thats also because four of our five o-linemen made all-conference. Personally I never found it that great playing against it in practice but it worked ok in the games.

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