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Attention ALL HogFest Alumnus....

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Do the Skins have good depth on the DL?  

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  1. 1. Do the Skins have good depth on the DL?

    • Yes! Backups like Haley, Zellner, and Bruce Smith are better than most backups. They have lots of experience in the league, and Bruce is chasing the record so he'll be fired up.
    • Maybe. Bruce is getting old and can only play on obvious passing downs, and the other guys haven't done anything in their careers yet, but they'll have great LBs and DBs behind them so they could be OK in spot duty.
    • Hell no. Haley (who could be suspended for DUI) and Zellner (ex-Cowboy with drug issues) are bums, and 40-year-old Bruce has creaky knees. God help us if one of the starters goes down.
    • I don't know. We'll see what happens when the pads are on. Maybe they'll surprise us.

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come here and share your experiences, let thoses that have not attended a previous HogFest know what a great gathering HogFest really is!

First things first.... :soapbox:

What am I getting for my money?

It's only $45.00 to attend HogFest, less if more people attend! In the past we had "Red, Hot and Blue" cater the event which included barbeque pork and beef and ALL the fixing, beverages that included both soda and beer, plates, cups, napkins and utensils and a place to sit and enjoy it. Folks this was ALL you could eat and drink for that price! This year we are talking about an old fashioned cookout tailgater with hotdogs, hamburger, brats and sausage; that also includes all the fixings like in the past.

Let's not forget the FREE contests and giveaways throughout the day that cost YOU nothing. Every year the Hogettes come to visit and even pose for pictures.

The only thing I can't put a price on was the friendship and fun shared throughout the day! I remember the first year when WE raised over $1,000.00 for the Darrell Green Foundation. Most of us only get to visit with each other once a year when we travel from all over the US to attend HogFest and that is what is really special for me.

What if I stay at the Key Bridge Marriot and don't want to drive to the game?

Tom has arranged for a chauffeured service (a van or mini bus) to take you back and forth from the hotel to the game. This is an addtional fee of only $15.00/$20.00. Just not having to worry about parking, driving back and forth and having a drink or two at the game makes this a real bargain for me. Almost all of the out-of-towners stay at the Key Bridge Marriot and have a great time while they are there and this year thanks to Atlskn if we book ten or more rooms we will be getting a $30.00 break on the room rates....from $109.00 to $79.00.

What is Crabfest?

Since most of us grew up in the area and moved away WE can't get those "steamed and spiced" hard shell Blue Crabs where we live now. So we would get together on Saturday night and meet, greet and eat until there just were no more crabs! This usually took place at a local crab house, this year RiggoRanger is trying to put something together at his home in Springfield, as that develops I am sure he will post here with ALL the details. That will probably be an additional cost of $30.00 per person, but try getting all the crabs you can eat and beverages for that price any place else. This is totally optional and is NOT required to attend HogFest, but we have a damn good time!

What I'm I responsible for?

Well, YOU need to get your own tickets! This can be accomplished numerous ways....go to Ebay and bid on tickets, get them through just about any ticket service in the DC Metro area or buy them from someone (I didn't use the word scalper) just prior to game time. Someone is always selling them before all home games. YOU are also responsible for getting yourself down to the area so YOU can attend HogFest.

Look folks, I have no vested interest in Hogfest other than having the best damn time possible while attending a home game of the team that I love....our Washington Redskins. And while I'm doing it I'm enjoying the company of the greatest fans in the world, MY friends....YOU!

Tom has no vested interest in HogFest either, other than the blood, sweat and tears he personally sheds every year when he puts this on. He devotes this time and effort because he loves us and the Washington Redskins not for himself but for US....and what does he ask in return from US....that we have a good time!

Enough of my ranting and raving, if you're coming to HogFest sign-up NOW, if you have already signed up please send Tom your money by no later than August 10th. Don't forget the game is just around the corner....Sunday, September 21st @ 4:05PM against the NY Giants.

So if you're interested in attending HogFest 2003 just go to this link: www.geocities.com/hogfest2000/ and signup today!

***Admins please stick this post so it stays at the top of the message board for all to read....Thanks!


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Great thread! And great post PC!!!!! That brought back some awesome memories. I remember when you wrote it last year, but it was really cool reading it again.

BTW - I talked to the caterer today and as long as we have it in the budget (I think we do), we will have a trailer grill brought in! Yeah baby! So all food will be piping hot right off the flames.

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2001 was sweeeeet! The raffle, the Hogettes stopping by, an autographed picture and phrase by Darrell Green, the food, the smell of every cuisine imaginable in the parking lot, not to mention some will let you even sample for a few bucks!

The money Tom raises for donations is worthy in itself and the atmosphere is unmatched! The booming jams the whole game and for you single guys and girls out there, opportunities.

The Skins won it that day, and I would like to credit it to the smell of success in the air. I was in Hog Heaven.

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fellas, i would love to join you this year, but i made plan to visit DC a week late, for the Pats game! wish i could be there with y'all as i LOVE the Skins, the crabs, BBQ and the beer... i am looking forward to hogfest 2004 already!!!

sounds like you have a great time going and i am anticipating meeting a bunch of you... but lets talk football, not politics!! hope ya have a blast this year.

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I tapped out a huge chunk of time from family matters to wedding/1 week honeymoon, and company upgrades till October. The only weekend I have enough time is actually being used to give one of my nephews my old car in Maryland. I will be around only for the training camp - on Aug 10th this year.

The earliest I could possibly get back on track for a the time I need, would be mid-November or Early December.

Thanks for checking in and if for strange reason I end up there at that time, I'll bring a donation :D and sip a drink with ya.

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