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Sexiest and least sexiest accents ?


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بلدي قليلا فتاة سعودية ، وأنا أريد أن أنام معك طوال الليل ولكن لا تتحدث معي لأنني أكره الطريقة بك الأصوات صوت. مجرد تغطية فمك وتعطيني الحب.

I used Google translator.

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Wait, so if I'm understanding this right - you love the way Middle Eastern women look, but not the way their voice sounds ?

So the perfect lady for you, is one who looks Arab or Indian, but has an Australian accent ?

Like a girl with an Australian Dad, but a Saudi Mom ?

More likely a Saudi dad and an Aussie mom! It's a money thing.

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I'm living with 4 German girls right now.

Most attractive: Southern

Least attractive: German

Regarding the redneck accent, that really is more of a stupid person accent. You will find that its the same in Maine, as it is in WV, Alabama, or California. It doesn't change and isn't really an accent. Its just dumb country folk talk.

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Not sexy: Boston or New York or northeast in general. Also, Major had a nice call with man speak. That is an incredible turnoff

Southern accents should not be a catch all term... as they are all very different. It's like saying someone from Cleveland or Detroit talks like someone from Boston, as they're both Northern accents.

Some are very gentle and smooth... some are coarse. I think the most beautiful southern accents you'll hear are in southern Alabama and parts of southern MS.

Probably the most annoying is the Piedmont area of North Carolina, or parts of Kentucky. Some of the backwoods of Appalachia are incredibly ugly accents too

Oh, and California speak "it's like, so like..." i.e. Paris Hilton, etc. is the worst of all. Those people really need to STFU.


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