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Idea: Rent Billboard Space To Advertise Fan Discontent (MET)


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I agree, but can we name names or use the logo? Want to be clear on the legal side also.

well technically that logo of the redskins with the face palm is not the redskins logo. the redskins have never used that logo for anything and they dont own the right to it.

but in terms of legit deep legal questioning i dont know. maybe we could get away with the vanilla ice defense for under pressure by queen/david bowie? lol

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The best thing to do would be "Fire Vinny" billboards in burgundy and gold. No logos, no last names, no copyright infringement.

You can also get those small signs that you stick in the ground for about $1 a piece if you order enough of them .

Totally down with this idea also!!!

Lets say we got 2k of them, how fast would people put them up?

Think a radio or tv station would support for their logo to be on it also?

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Gotta go with the GM idea for a billboard. It would be great if Mark or another trustworthy person could put together a Paypal account or something for ESers to contribute to. If somebody was willing to do the initial legwork, here are some starters...

DC Billboard Companies


VA Billboard Companies


MD Billboard Companies


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