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Crouch quits again


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Just go to Canada do not pass go and collect $200


Ex-Heisman winner walks out on Packers


Associated Press

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Eric Crouch has quit the NFL for the second time in 11 months.

The 2001 Heisman Trophy winner from Nebraska left the Green Bay Packers on the eve of full-squad workouts, which began Tuesday. He had hoped to win a job as one of Brett Favre's backups but coach Mike Sherman said he had little chance at beating out the three QBs ahead of him in that race.

Crouch sat out last season after the St. Louis Rams drafted him in the third round and tried to convert him into a wide receiver.

He was set to play quarterback in the Canadian Football League, which he thought could be a springboard to a career as an NFL quarterback, when the Packers claimed him off waivers this spring.

He left camp Monday night after speaking with Sherman.

"We really didn't get into detail. He just said for personal reasons he didn't want to continue. I said OK and we'll leave it at that,'' Sherman said.

"It's disappointing that it didn't work out for us and for him. But we didn't have a whole lot invested in him. He's a good kid, we wish him well."

The Packers had hoped Crouch be a return specialist this year and learn the West Coast offense by next season as a quarterback.

But after claiming him on April 23, the Packers signed Akili Smith, who will vie for the backup quarterback job with incumbent Doug Pederson and second-year pro Craig Nall.

Crouch, who last worked as a quarterback in the option offense with the Cornhuskers, didn't make much of an impression as a kick returner, either.

Only the third Division I player to pass for 4,000 yards and rush for 3,000 yards, Crouch had mixed results at the team's minicamp last month when precise, hard-thrown balls down the seam were negated by interceptions over the middle and passes batted down at the line.

Sherman said Crouch simply wasn't going to win a quarterback job in Green Bay this season.

"He's so far behind. When he came in here, it was pretty much going to be relegated to cleaning up a little bit and maybe some practice squad snaps and working into next season in the offseason," Sherman said.

"That was really what we were shooting for because he hadn't been a quarterback in the National Football League in this type of offense. The reality of it was he had quite a few steps to take before that would even happen."

Sherman suggested Crouch didn't have much of a chance as a kick returner, either.

"We put him back there a couple times and he wasn't natural, put it that way," Sherman said. "I don't think our fans would have been jumping up and down to see him drop a couple of them in practice."

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I don't know, let me play devil's advocate here.... I heard he wanted to go to Canada all along and the Packer's blocked it by signing him, Sherman told him he would get a fair shake, but so far, he's had no snaps and it became obvious that they had no intention of considering him a qb.

It sounds like to me, he wants to play qb and he has made it pretty clear, but the packers talked a good game in hopes of having him as their kick returner.... Crouch has said he would rather go to Canada, it's obviously not about money, he wants to do his thing... there has to be something that prohibits him from going while under NFL contract. An article on CNNSI I read reported he wanted to just go to Canada but couldnt...

Does anyone know?

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Eric Crouch is a disgrace to football. The way he gives up every year... I mean, let him do what he wants. He must've been really really REALLY bad for Sherman to say those things, even though Sherman is content to shoot his mouth off from time to time -- I get the impression he was still being nice.

IMO they should strip him of his Heisman and give it back to the man who rightfully deserved it: Rex Grossman... there's a conspiracy at work here and I'm just glad it has come back to bite Crouch...

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This just FURTHER tarnishes the Heisman Trophy. Not that I am one to mistake that winning the Heisman would lead to a great NFL career for someone. However I refuse to believe that this two-time quitter was actually the best player in a sport(college football) and received what is the highest award for that sport.

I am hoping that NO CFL OR Arena League team gives this fool a chance.

He's a bonafied LOSER in my book. TRUE LOSER.

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the Heisman is a college award for college performance, why should anyone think a Heisman winner is just supposed to show up at an NFL camp and be guaranteed a spot? :)

the college game is different. as different as junior hockey is from the NHL.

Crouch and guys like Brad Banks and Andre Ware were able to use their athleticism to mask average arms and put up great stats.

But it was against uneven competition (viewed from the NFL perspective).

The Heisman should be respected for what it is, the award for the best college performer at the qb, rb or wr positions :)

It is not a predictor of NFL performance nor is it really an award for the best college player as linemen, linebackers and db's hardly ever have a chance of winning............

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Crouch was recieving snaps in training camp, but when Pederson was announced as the #2, he knew he would be competing with Smith and another QB(can't think of his name) for the third spot. Both QB's had NFL playing time and were much further along in there development. Sherman was willing to give Crouch time but, Crouch lacks patience.

There is a lot of talk around here of this being Favre's last season. If that comes to be than Crouch would have had a year under his belt learning the offense and possibly playing on the practice squad, all the whille getting and NFL paycheck. He thinks he should be starting in the NFL. All this is just making it harder for him to ever break into the NFL.

I do hope he gets to play somewhere, but why would anyone want a player who leaves when he doesn't get his way. He has been on the roster of two good teams. It's not like he was on the Bengals for Christ sakes.

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I tend to agree. Crouch is a guy with a big ego and if he is to be successful has to realize the NFL is a mean game where what he did in college doesn't entitle him to anything.

Let him go to Canada and show he has a pro arm. Then he can come back with more polish and give the NFL a shot.

Once the Packers signed Smith you sort of knew that Crouch was the odd man out for 2003 in terms of seeing any time in camp.

Sherman was being brutally honest and its the type of thing Crouch needs to hear.

If he thinks he is going to transition to being an NFL starter with his current skill level and lack of sophistication he is kidding himself.

His ego prevented him from accepting a practice squad role.

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I'm a Nebraska alum and will be happy to point out all the losers from Penn State and other universities as well who have had busted NFL careers. That said, Crouch is definitely a different type of athlete and since his freshman year at Nebraska has shown that he is willing to walk away from the game unless it's on his own terms. I recall one John Riggins doing the same thing to the Redskins many years ago. Crouch is NOT an egomaniac as some people are casting him in this thread. He is far from that as anyone who has followed his career would tell you. I think you take his comments at face value that he wants to play quarterback and he will find a team that will allow him to do so. Chad Morton came to the Skins because we offered him the chance to run the ball even if in a limited fashion. Champ Bailey will likely leave the team next year because Spurrer is keeping him from playing receiver in any sense. Crouch isn't a proven NFL player like Riggins or Bailey, but his motives are not the sign of being a "Loser." In fact, they may be a sign of great integrity. He gave back his signing bonus to the Rams. Is that what a "Loser" would do? I think he has more faith in himself than others have in him. That may be his biggest fault. He is not, however, a loser.

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let's forget the veteran status of a John Riggins. The fact remains that Crouch has questionable NFL skills. It is not merely that he is unproven.

if his talent level was that high Sherman and Martz would have kept him and made room for him at qb.

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Originally posted by Reaganaut

Champ Bailey will likely leave the team next year because Spurrer is keeping him from playing receiver in any sense.

Sorry, but that's BS. Where do you get this info? If Champ leaves it will have to do with $. There is not a single team that is going to drop huge coin on Bailey and then risk him playing offense, when he is being paid that sum for the CB skills.

And to lay it at Spurrier's feet is a crock, too. I don't recall Marty playing Champ. Norv rarely did it. Robiskie was the only one who gave him any extensive time on offense. The fact is that Spurrier runs a sophisticated passing attack that requires time and practice to learn. The play adjusts depending on the defense. As Bailey being in the play would send up an instant red flag, causing defenses to cheat towards him, it's likely he would never see the ball. He would only be there as a decoy. You think he would be happy with that? So, if he isn't going to consistently be in the offense, what would the point be of playing him there occasionally?

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And to lay it at Spurrier's feet is a crock, too.

Last season Spurrier said that Champ will have to change completely over to receiver and cease being a cornerback if he is going to play receiver. Word is that Champ is very unhappy about Spurrier's forcing him to give up cornerback instead of what Robiskie did by letting him run a few plays. Also, Champ was unhappy at getting the hook at punt returner last year even though he got off to a rough start.

How much do you want to bet that if Champ goes to another team that they allow him to play some snaps at receiver and give him a crack at punt returns? Money is important, obviously, but he won't have to sacrifice a penny on his contract to get a team to let him try again. In my humble opinion, I think Champ will be gone next year because he gave such a lukewarm statement about the team last time he talked about his contract. Dollars may ultimately trump his other desires, but all things being equal he will go to a team that will give him the chance.

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do you realistically think another team is going to give Bailey $20 million in bonus and then play him as WR and PR as well?

the truth is when Bailey was used as a receiver in 2000 some under Norv he ran poor routes and failed to make plays.

as a punt returner he was a disaster. he just couldn't catch the football.

ultimately, Bailey could have an HOF career but it will be at CB.

He knows that. I think more than anything else he is bored with all the changes and mediocre play over the past 3 or 4 years and wanted to return kicks and play WR to alleviate what he viewed as the monotony of sitting through 8-8 and 7-9 seasons.

If the Redskins win games in 2003 and offer him the dollars he is looking for he will be back.

Otherwise I could see him going home to Atlanta or another up and coming team.

Of course the Redskins will franchise him and thus his freedom so to speak will probably come in 2005, not 2004.

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i agree champ looked terrible as a punt returner last year. i don't know if he was getting reps in practice or what but it obviously he needed some work. i'm sure everyone remembers when he did catch it, he held the football out at arms length. oh yea not to mention that fumble during the monday night game. :doh:

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Champ should get off the SlimeTime fantasy and work on being the next Darrell Green.

I still cant believe someone wasted a pick on this guy when it was obvious he lacked the skills to be a QB.

Guess him winning the Heisman had something to do with it.

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