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Uday and Qusay Dead!!!


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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

Dirty dirty ****s. I hope they are burning in hell right now for the evil things they did to the people of Iraq.

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70 virgins who all look like Dame Edna.

I'm still not convinced these 2 weren't the proverbial hand in the puppet keeping the idea of Saddam still being alive all this time. Just a gut feeling I've had for a while that Saddam's been dead since early in the war ... and the sons have been perpetraing an El Cid deal on the world's press.

Again, nothing more than a feeling.

Either way .... hard to see this as anything but a good day for humanity.

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Thats the new 'insert waver' option where you can insert a wav file.....I plead guilty. I know it can be obnoxious, but man its fun. Wish you could control it a little more (maybe limit it to one playing), but I'm going to keep on having fun till someone complains! If anyone finds the wav files too obnoxious, be honest and I'll knock it off.:rolleyes:

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Originally posted by tommy-the-greek

Tarhog, Where did you download the wavs from?

I just did a quick yahoo search for 'ding dong wav' and wahlah...all you have to do is left click on the wav file, go to properties, copy the wav url and then paste it in the 'insert waver' box when you make your post.

Suppose it could get obnoxious, so I promise to use it judiciously.

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A few things. First AllahuAkbar!!!

Secondly, the....

70 virgins who all look like Dame Edna
comment was a bit much Om. I realize it was your usual brand of subtle humor. However, I was somewhat offended that anyone would suggest in jest or otherwise that pondscum like these two would deserve any faith's idea of Heaven.

Finally, my only regret about them biting the dust is that the Iraqi people didn't get to tear them limb from limb with their bare hands. But hey, you can't have everything.

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