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Per SC: Redskins interested in Rosco Parrish


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Gee... something that people were clamouring for in the off-season. The team just figured it out?

And now they are going to waste draft picks when it is obvious this team needs to rebuild because this season is toast?

God. Snyder is amazing. Just when I think he couldn't do anything to make me hate him any more or make me think he is even more incompetent, he goes out and tops himself. It's truly amazing.

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We have players, we just don't use them properly. There are guys who could at least share snaps at PR. Rotate Moss, Hall, Thomas, Alridge, and Tryon, and I'm sure we could get through a game with better production and not getting anyone tired or hurt.

And seriously, if the FO thinks the biggest problem that needs to be addressed right now is a returner, it's just more evidence of their incompetence.

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