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Dotson charged with murder of Patrick Dennehy


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This is just a sad story, hopefully now there is closure and a body will be found.


Dotson surrenders in Maryland


ESPN.com news services

CHESTERTOWN, Md. -- The former roommate of missing Baylor University basketball player Patrick Dennehy has confessed to killing him, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Carlton Dotson was charged Monday with murder, authorities said.


The warrant naming Dotson was issued by police in Waco, Texas, where Dennehy has been missing since mid-June, Chestertown Police Chief Walter Coryell said. At this point, no body has been found.

Two officers escorted Dotson, who was wearing handcuffs, into the police department about 9:20 p.m.

As he left the court commissioner's office Monday night, Dotson told a reporter: "I didn't confess to anything. Call the FBI." Shortly after his arrest, Dotson had referred all questions to his lawyer.


Dotson's attorney, Grady Irvin Jr., said in a telephone interview that he had last spoken with his client over the weekend. He would not say what they discussed.

"It is most unfortunate that police have come to the conclusion that there is a death,'' Irvin said. ``I am uncertain as to how they came to that conclusion, that Patrick Dennehy is now dead."

Irvin, of Tallahassee, Fla., said he would probably arrive in Baltimore on Tuesday and travel to Chestertown to meet with Dotson.

Dotson was being fingerprinted and processed at the police department, Coryell said. He said Dotson would be taken to the Kent County court commissioner's office later for an initial hearing.

Coryell said Dotson was in Chestertown, about 55 miles from his hometown of Hurlock, on Sunday when he called police from a grocery store.

"He said he needed help," Coryell said. "We took him to the hospital for an evaluation. During his stay there he contacted the FBI."

The police chief said Dotson stayed overnight at a Chestertown hospital, then left early Monday afternoon with FBI agents.

He was interviewed by the FBI and "as a result of that interview, this warrant has been issued," the chief said.

Irvin said he did not know what Dotson told authorities.

"I don't know if the arrest warrant is based on statements he (Dotson) made or information gathered through law enforcement agencies and their investigations,'' Irvin said. ``I'm sure that when I read the warrant, I am 100 percent certain that there will be information not previously available to my office."

The Dallas Morning News reported that Dotson's statement to authorities lasted nearly two hours.

"Even though (Dotson) has said these things, we are having to confirm them. But it is congruent with information we have been receiving all along," Waco police Sgt. Holt told the Dallas Morning News. "There are still questions that are having to be sorted out.''

A news conference in Waco is planned Tuesday afternoon, Sgt. Holt said in a statement.

Last Thursday, Dotson voluntarily went to the Dorchester County sheriff's office near Hurlock to make a statement about Dennehy's disappearance. He was never in custody and was not arrested, leaving the office with his high school basketball coach.

Waco police declined to discuss what Dotson told authorities last week, saying only it did not change the course of their investigation.

Dennehy played two seasons for the New Mexico Lobos before transferring to Baylor in the spring of 2002. His Chevrolet Tahoe was found June 25 in a strip mall parking lot in Virginia Beach, Va.

Authorities said Friday they were trying to determine if a 9mm handgun found Thursday at a Waco apartment complex near Baylor was related to Dennehy's disappearance.

According to an earlier search warrant affidavit, an unidentified informant reported to Delaware authorities that Dotson told a cousin he shot Dennehy as the two argued while shooting 9mm guns in the Waco area.

Some of Dennehy's friends say he told them that he and Dotson were being threatened and that they obtained guns. Dennehy's family claimed the 6-foot-10, 230-pound center told coaches he feared for his life.

Baylor head coach Dave Bliss has repeatedly said he and his staff were not aware of any threats.

Dotson lost his basketball scholarship this spring and was not expected to play at Baylor next season.

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Originally posted by gridironmike

I read (ESPN??) something that he says he did not confess. So, if there is no dead body, how can he be charged with murder without an outright confession?

Well what ever he told the cops worked since now they just reported they found a body in Waco.

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