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Dan and Vinney need to..."Stay on Course"


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After blowing up the past few weeks at my Team/Players/Coach's

I've changed my tune.

I want the Redskins to stay the course they are on and give them time to get it right.

Dan buys anything we want.

Vinney has had good draft picks.

And im sick and tired of if a HC can't win the SB in 1 to 2 years get rid of him.

All us Monday morning QB's and all you Madden players who think you can do better take a chill pill.

Vinney has done damm good for the team,it's just that WE as fans only care about wins.

Vinney's Draft picks.


Champ Bailey.....Stud

Jon Jansen.........Stud


Lavar Arrington.......Stud (who couldnt keep his mouth shut)

Chris Samuals.........Stud


Rod Gardner.........I liked him

Fred Smoot..........


Rock Cartwright

Ladell Betts


Derrick Dockery


Sean Taylor..........Could have been a Stud

Chris Cooley.............Stud


Carlos Rogers..........

Jason Campbell......... He will be a Stud


Rocky McIntosh

Reed Doughty


LaRon Landry


Chris Horton


Complete list:


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Dude if you just look at the complete list of Draft picks over the years you can't say Vinney has done bad.

Everyone gives Joe Gibbs so much credit for getting us into the playoffs but any of us watching those games knows the only year we stood any chance in hell was the year we lost to Seattle.

And I blame Greg Williams for that loss for not Blitzing enough after we knocked out the League MVP running back.

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Rod Gardner.........I liked him

sorry, thought that was funny. I think its not so much individual decisions that make people hate snyder and cerrato, but the way they conduct business. Lying to players, lying to fans, and there just seems to be an overall lack of respect between players and upper management.

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Failure to address OL concerns

Jason Taylor

Brandon Lloyd

Adam Archuleta

TJ Duckett

All of which had significant impact on our team, and not in a good way. There are plenty more, perhaps some of my friends can assist me.

2002: 7-9

2003: 5-11

2004: 6-10

2005: 10-6

2006: 5-11

2007: 9-7

2008: 8-8

2009: 2-3

Total: 52-65, .444 winning percentage.

Is that what you call progress over 7 years?

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If you disagree thats fine,but you can't argue with the facts

The facts:

Cerrato himself said that, when he took over as Vice President of... Whatever before the 2008 draft, that he should be judged after two years on the job.

Granted, he hasn't been on the job for 2 years. But are you seriously going to say that because Chris Horton worked out that the 2008 draft was a strong one? It was an unmitigated DISASTER, as it appears all three of the 2nd round picks, as well as the 3rd rounder (Rhino) are busts.

As far as this year's draft, Orakpo will be great, but then who? Marko Mitchell? If he were so good, why isn't he on the active roster? Actually, strike that because he MAY end up being that good, but our coaching staff is too dumb to realize it.

His free agent moves are questionable at best. This year, it's clear that DHall is a non-shutdown corner who's getting shutdown corner money, and Albert is great when he's in the game, but didn't make the effort to get in regular season shape and so is unable to stay on the field enough to warrant the signing bonus he got.


Cerrato's first move as head man was (drumroll please) hiring Jim Zorn. Don't forget that catastrophic mistake, or maybe more precisely, the stupidity that led up to the move.

That is all.

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Vinny, what are you doing up so late on a school night?

That is funny -

long time fan of what ? certainly not the skins because than you would remember how good we were before vinny, danny, and lets not forget the great rod gardner. that is the most hilarious (and stupid) post i have ever read on here. good one dude.

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Bailey, Jansen, Arrington, Samuel's were drafted by Casserly.

Smoot and Gardner were drafted by Marty Schottenheimer.

The first rounders were high enough they better not have been busts, but as you noticed, we havn't brought in more than two draft picks that were decent per draft and that is including last year when we had 10, I repeat 10 draft picks. Yes, it may be two early to evaluate last years draft, but seriously, Cerrato is the one that needs a consultant.

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