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Originally posted by Hoyaparanoia

That post is ever so true. Why do we get so upset when others don't see the Skins is a good light. You have to earn respect in this league. There are no freebies.

I actually being unknowns myself.

You're right Hoya, till our Skins "pimp smack" a few people, they are never going to be taken seriously. We had a long history of losing to Dallas. How can anyone (realistically) take the Skins seriously? I like the "unknown" role as well. We can get 10 or 11 games in the season "BEFORE" everyone realizes just what hit 'em. Remember '91? The Skins were 11-0 before the 1st loss. I remember the TNT commentators saying in week one that, "The Skins arent that good, but Detroit was that bad!" Wrong! '91 was Detroits best year EVER. They finished 12-4, with a 38-6 playoff win over Dallas, before losing to Washington again (badly) 41-10 in the NFC Championship game. So we can't get all caught up in the Sports talk. Because they are "ALL TALK!" Lets win a few games, then talk.....better yet lets try for something really special and celebrate that.:cheers:

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