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Onion: ESPN Completely Misses Brett Favre Vs. Green Bay Packers Storyline


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BRISTOL, CT—In what is being called the biggest gaffe in the sports network's 30-year history, ESPN totally forgot to cover last week's Brett Favre vs. Green Bay Packers storyline.

Favre's legendary career with the Packers, which spanned 16 seasons, three MVP awards, and one Super Bowl title, was not mentioned even once during pregame coverage of the Monday night Packers-Vikings matchup or during the game itself. Records indicated that it wasn't until Wednesday—more than 48 hours after Favre led Minnesota to a dramatic 30-23 victory—that producers began to feel that they may have overlooked one of sports' most obvious storylines.


ESPN news director Vince Doria said that if he or any of his colleagues had realized Favre would be playing against his former team, the network would have begun overhyping the week-four matchup the moment the quarterback signed with the Vikings. Instead, ESPN attempted to generate interest in the game by doing an extensive two-week profile on Vikings backup tight end Jim Kleinsasser.

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There is no excuse. ESPN completely dropped the ball on this one. "World wide leader in sports" my ***. I mean, I didn't even know that Brett Favre was still in the NFL, let alone that he would be the first QB to beat all 32 NFL teams. And it's been so long since he played for the Packers, I had almost completely forgotten about that part of his career.

That's what they get for not paying John Madden $80 bajillion and 3 turduckens to hose this game.

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Random bump because I didn't want to start a new thread, but is the Packers/Vikings game going to be aired in the local area(DC, MD, VA)? I just want to make sure because if not I am going to go somewhere that has Sunday Ticket.

Yeah where's the guy who posts those NFL national TV coverage maps every week?

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